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Who is Fire Wolf?

I am formerly off of FanFiction where I used to write Fanfics for cartoons and anime. I decided to jump ship for a bit to start new projects. Since I'm being held back from doing any stories right now, I'll begin as soon as possible. My series, Thinking of You, will make a jump to this site as soon as I get clearance to do it. I'm hopefully gonna work on more series as well. I'll be posting updates on here to give everyone a heads up every so often so please check it out.

Age - Yea... sure...
Name - Arekkusu... go translate it.
Location - In hell like always... hence why they call me Fire Wolf.

Currently Working On:
Thinking of You - Shonen-ai story about a boy who's got talent to sing but won't because of his past. But a nosy producer might be able to break that and maybe find love in the process.

White Rose - Action Saga based on a legend of my own creation.

Completed Works:
None since i'm new to the site. Might take like a month before I actually get there.

September 5th 2007 -
Joined and began work on my first 2 mangas. "Thinking of You" is up to it's second chapter on and will continue on her shortly after permission to uplaod stories here is granted. White Rose 1 is at 20 complete and will be done soon hopefully. Undated bio for basic intro and hopefully will get artwork to go with said mangas and stuff.

September 8th 2007 - Posted up the original first two chapters of Thinking Of You.

September 17th 2007 - Finally got around to putting up a brand new update. Okay! Thinking of You 5 will be coming soong as work on it is almost done. Magenia is a new action story, so check it out. Letters 5 is up, with 6 coming soon. There maybe a sequel depending on the turn out. Finally... I just got around to making a homepage so here's to hoping it's done soon so I can have a real place for updates and blogs:)

"Can you keep a secret?" Utada Hikaru's 'Can you keep a Secret?' (so cheesy)

"The value of a man is measure by his ability to understand that no matter what he does right it will always be wrong in the eyes of another." - anon.

"Guess mine is not the first heart broken, my eyes are not the first to cry. I'm not the first to know, there's just no gettin' over you." Grease's 'Hopelessly Devoted To You'

"Nothing takes the past away, like the future. Nothing makes the darkness go, like the light." Madonna's 'Nothing Really Matters'

Here's to hoping I start off with a bang!

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