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Hi. (I'd rather say 'yo', but Z would get mad at me.)

Or maybe I should say 'Yoroshiku' instead. After all, that would be exclusive only to me.

Gah, getting out of topic.


Yoroshiku, my username is SY Iceflake77, if you haven't figured that out already. I have a profile on as well (username: IceFlake77) but you won't find anything inside it as I have deleted all my stories during one of my paranoia phases.

I go by many usernames in my stories. Ranging from MellowYellow, to Lexicon, to Smiling-Sushi-Riceball, you can expect that I've written at least 1 story under each penname but all of these fall under the works of SY Iceflake77. Or, if it's a fanfic, IceFlake77.

Hmm...I'm not giving out any personal info or anything that could hint to any personal info since I'm a very paranoid person by nature and always feel like someone out there is going to send me a very dangerous virus (and I already have 3 pop-up blockers, an anti-spam program, an anti-spyware program, and 2 anti-virus programs)

Yes, that's exactly how paranoid I am.

On my own personal views and opinions, I'm quite an optimistic person and am very friendly though I'm also very gullible and scared of breaking the rules. Oh, and I'm also very paranoid. Did I mention that already?

Never trust me with a multi-chapter fanfic to write. I'll never finish it. I mean, I've been working on this fic for months and it's already on its 21st chapter and nothing important has even happened yet!

Just ask Z. She knows exactly what I'm talking about.

I mainly write fics on whim but I never finish them. If I really like the plot I gave them, I might finish the fic, but most of the time, I'll never get done with the story.

I'm good at making beginnings (prologue, first paragraph, blah blah blah)

I'm good at making endings (those really dramatic clinchers and stuff)

But what I suck at is making the rest. The body of the story.

(Ask Z about that too)

Why am I rambling?

Wait, how did you even get here, you?

Never mind you.

Moving on...

I would like to extend a big thanks to GloBo on DeviantArt for taking on a gigantic request from me without charging me. THANKS GLOBO. 8D


I'm still wondering how you got here.


Write something and let me take a look at your mind.

Updated July 1, 2010
Updated July 2, 2010

So I'm not going to touch my profile up there anymore. XD

Things that miraculously got finished:

"To Biology" -- written during Biology class for science month...that was...around two years ago already. I still suck at writing poems. ;_;

"Dude" -- Something I wrote for Creative Writing. My teacher said it was certainly...creative. XD;;

"Nostalgia" -- Another sad attempt at writing a poem. Inspired by Ken Hirai's song of the same name.

"Stubble" -- After an eight month-long hiatus, I decided to write again, and this is what came out. Written on a whim, but will still be submitted to my Creative Writing teacher for leveling.

Things that I hope will survive my short attention span to actually get finished:

"LIFE: Side A" -- A collection of psychological stories that deal with what most people think are the five most important things in life (friends, family, God, love, and happiness) based on a survey conducted with ten people. The first entry is "Smile" for the prompt 'happiness'.

"LIFE: Side B" -- Since most of the stories in Side A are rather sad and sort-of open-ended, people can come check this one out if they feel iffy about not getting a solid ending. Bittersweet is the name of the game here.

"R.S.V.P." -- The SK Adventures! See the crazy things that happen in the Annabelle Lee Cafe. :)

"_" -- The thingy Yoyo keeps on bugging me to write. =)) Something about Riba being gallant and stuff.

"26 Ways to Not Say I love You: Morato x Saito" -- Haha, I was thinking with my heart and not my head on this one. Disgustingly mushy and pathetic, so I'm never going to let anyone read it.

"26 Dreams: Sykes & Sirius" -- My second alphabet collection. I don't think my first one will ever be finished, and I plan on finishing this one before I move on to the next one, which is...

"26 Instant Messages: Sykes & Scott" -- My taichou and I have been really close friends for more than two years, and I've never ever written anything with him in it. SO~ :3

"Youso no Hogosha" -- On some level, I do believe that I can get this project off the ground and finish it...even if the idea's been in my brain for more than 4 years already. xD;;;

"To the Darkness" -- An idea I got 3 years ago, and I actually wrote stories for this already, but then I entered high school and realized how stupid they all sounded. Now, it's my plan to reinvent the entire concept...which I have yet to do.

"KEYBOARDSMASH" -- Under the name Cookie, I'm co-writing this with Noodle. Please forgive our working title. XD It will not be posted ANYWHERE in fear of the people our characters are based on finding it.

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