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AUTHOR'S NOTE, 10/4/08: The Misdial is DONE! I am onto Love, Unconditional. I would love to get some feedback as this story progresses, as this will be a different kind of romance...much darker. Thank you again for all of the support!

About me:

I am a die-hard football fan (go PATS!!) and avid rock and country music lover. I am in my 30's, and I am a professional Chef. I'm also in a rock band. We're not that great yet, but it's fun as hell!!

What business do I have here?

Part of being a chef is to tap into creativity to create a gastronomic masterpiece, and I've gotten good at it over the years...but I have always felt that something in my creativity was missing. I am a huge fan of reading, from horror to fantasy, to (of course) cooking mags. I have tried "scratching that creative itch on my brain" from creating some short stories that never got finished, to writing poems (lyrics) that my professional musician/genius friend of mine and I poured foundations to songs on and never finished (sorry Mo). Maybe I will post some of that stuff here.

I can't say what to expect from this. My writing is going to be all over the place. There is so much that influences me that you will not be able to put me into a "genre". I just hope that I don't embarrass myself here with all of the talent that I have seen so far.

So why "Core Satiated"? While the right side of my brain is telling me that I'm already the luckiest guy on the planet, the left side is telling me that I have something to say and that I am not full. Does that make me bi-polar?

I am happily married for over 15 years and still ridiculously in love, and I have 3 beautiful daughters who are talented and creative beyond belief. Two of them are responsible for my even being on this site now. You better believe that I am one of their biggest fans.

Let's see where this goes, huh?

Do I have what it takes to publish? I hope to someday, but you tell me.

Please view and review often and honestly - I will be.

LOVE is the virtue of the HEART
SINCERITY the virtue of the MIND
COURAGE the virtue of the SPIRIT
DECISION the virtue of the WILL

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