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Poll: I've been tossing back and forward calling "Life Without Memory" by it current name or calling it "The Magical Machine" and Life Without Memory would just be the title of the first part. Please vote for the name you like the best as name for the book when I finish it. ("Life Without Memory" will continue to be the working on title on this site) Vote Now!
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Author has written 17 stories for Fantasy, Life, Friendship, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Horror.


Beginning to rework my profile...

So I realized recently that I have gotten old, or at least I feel old now. All the authors that I used to follow don't post on this site. The story that I am rewriting right now is almost nine years old. Most of its original audience probably aren't even rereading it. I actually stopped posting on Fictionpress for a while, and focused my efforts on posting on Wattpad and Inkitt. I keep coming back to this site though because of nostalgia (even though it uses php for its server side code. The worst part is that I can tell they are using php because is says profile.php in the address bar at the top of my screen right now. That is the computer science major in me throwing a minor fit about how old this website looks.)

Looking beyond that, I like the simplicity of this site. I also feel like I owe it to any readers that read my work back when I was a terrible writer and told me I was good and kept me writing, deserve to be able to read the rewrite if they so choose. I will also try to update some of the work on here.

I apologize that a lot of my work is really old, and could use a rewrite. "Dishonor" and "Life Without Memory" are probably my best stories on this sit right now. I am still in the process of editing "Dishonor", but I feel that it is one of my more polished pieces.

The only other story that I feel is fairly decent but could use a lot of polish and rewriting a couple sections is "In the Absence of Light".

Most of my other works I leave up because eventually I will get around to rewriting the beginning and finishing them like I am doing for "Life Without Memory". I also leave them up in case anyone wants to compare my old writing to my new. If you are interested in reading the original six chapters of "Life Without Memory", send me a private message and I will send you to a place where you can still read the original work and compare it to the new story.

If you are interested in buying a copy of "Dishonor", you can find it on many sites including Amazon. You can search by the book name "Dishonor" or the author name "Francesca Huber".


I really should just delete most of this profile. Its terrible. Don't read it unless you are really bored. I need to rewrite it. (P.S. I rewrote parts of it, but I feel bad deleting it. It's sort of nostalgic at this point in my life. Should I remove what's below this... I don't know, so I will leave it for now, just like I leave my old stories that are terrible up on here.)


Wow... I've been a member of this site for a long time. Currently I am paying an editor to help me edit Dishonor and working on writing the sequel Honored. That universe also has a planned story arch with a different main character.

As far as In the Absence of Light goes I am taking a hiatus from writing In the Absence of Humanity. I will go back to these stories once I finish the Dishonor novels. I love my Absence trilogy,

I am also currently rewriting Life Without Memory. The current plan for this story is for it to be a fairly short novella series. Yes, I did say series, i have some interesting plans for this book.

Fantasia and Whisper a Wish my Hawk are on hiatus until I am finished with all of my other projects above.

All other stories posted on here on indefinite hiatus until everything mentioned above is finished.

Please send me a PM if you have any questions.

old profile:

So I'm a college student majoring in computer focus in comp sci is networking. I like to do a lot of stuff. I try and give constructive criticism, and I try not to write mean reviews on fictionpress. I am only mean to authors I am reading on net galley that are published. I blog reviews for the books I read and I post those reviews on goodreads and amazon. My blog: http:///

Older profile because I am sentimental and don't like to delete stuff:

I've been on Fiction Press for a long time. I was introduced to fictionpress in 2003 by my sister Lirra, (if I remember the exact year correctly). I read stuff, but I could only post unsigned reviews because I refused to join until I was 13 which was the correct age for joining. I remember traditional stats (when they were the only type of stat). I remember when there was only 40 or 50 thousand fantasy stories. A lot of my stories on here are rough drafts, and are older stories. I have other stories that I am working on. I might sometimes post parts of rough drafts, like whisper a wish my Hawk. I have a whole lot more that is a lot better written than what I have up here.

A friend of mine is on this site. Her name is Neko-1995.


Life without memory is my amazing story as I call it. Its my mind whisper. Read more to find out about a girl with strange memory blocks that don't seem to come from anything natural... Life without memory is a test. I am trying to see if I can write a first/second person narrative okay.

I am also working on a story that changes views between four friends. This story is called fight school. Every One rotation I am going to post as a "chapter". This story is being reworked. I like the plot idea, but I didn't like some of the other things within it. Also, I hate when authors write in this style and its making me not like the story as much. Like I said, I am reworking it and it might never have more added to it. (Update 2011: UCK! If I can ever stand to look at this story again, it will be receiving a complete overhaul. I'm not sure I can salvage the beginning.)

The Hunters and the Healers is more of an easy read Fantasy, for teens who like a quick and cool Fantasy about magic and flying lizards(known as dragonets), and flying komodo dragons (know as dragons within the story). Enjoy! :) (This story was my first story on this site and stays up the way it is for nostalgia reasons

I have two poems dedicated to my cat and horse that died.

Cataract: The girl within the memory field. The blind girl known as Cataract without cataracts. Read to find out more.

To Fight to Death, the story of rebellion. I like this story simply because it challenges me as an author to try out different style characters. Yes, I don't really like flipping characters in stories, but I find this one enjoyable simply because it challenges me to write on different personalities. The more characters the merrier (please keep it down to one character per a person though). I can not guarantee that your character will always appear in the next chapter, but I will try to use them as much as possible. (This story is also on hiatus)

Whisper a Wish my Hawk is my pet story. I love it, but I have not put the most updated version up. I have not even finished the first chapter because I am writing this story in parts, not chapters. If you want to read more on it, contact me and I will send you more. (Update November 2011: I replaced the old chapter one with the new edited version. Part 1 still needs editing, but it is getting better thanks to the reviews I received.)

My Death is a new one that I started for fun. All my friends were writing vampire stories, so I decided to join with my own flavor. Welcome to the complex vampire society ruled by Death. They never call themselves vampires, and they never even mention it, but you will quickly see this in the story. My story is about a crazy girl learning about herself while taking revenge on a lot of people(Its the best way I can tell you what happens without giving away the story). There will be a lot of violence, and the descriptions of the violence will increase as the story goes along. This is a revenge story after all. There will also be some almost scenes.. This story is rated M. (This story is terrible and will receive a rewrite when I have time)

Update November 2011: I've added two stories, The Last protector, and The Absence of Light. I am working on The Absence of Light most recently, and I really feel strongly about this story. I love my main character in this story. The story is slowly building up, and I promise that there will be romance and violence. The center of this story's plot is about romance. This story does include some mind manipulation. I love the mind as a subject, and the older I get, the more my stories seem to delve into the inner workings of the complexity of the mind. I really hope you enjoy this story. :)

Those are my stories on here. One day I will publish others and then I will tell you about them here. Until then, enjoy the ones that I have up. :)

I know my stories aren't so good at the beginning, but they get better as I get better. I have been on this site for awhile now.

Thanks to those who have criticized my work. Even though I don't rework chapters I have written, I take it to heart and try to work it into my next chapters. Your suggestions are worked into some of the stories I have on my computer. If I finish a story. I will at that time go back to rework it. Thanks again. (For those reviewing Whisper A Wish My Hawk, I am working on rewriting and editing it. Thanks for your great suggestions!)


Also, I am looking for stories that dip into the mind and could be added to my community Mind Whisper. If you are interested in the stories found within my community, please either PM for consideration on a staff position or subscribe.

I am also looking for a beta reader to help with spelling and grammar for my stories. If you are interested feel free to contact me.

update 2013: I am putting my nanowrimo story up (or part of it). If I get some interest I might put all of it up, and then take it down once it is all up since I want to publish it.

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The Cat Who Wasn't Even Black by Jade of Ilium reviews
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Dishonor reviews
Look beyond the surface. See beyond the dirt. Underneath the down trodden look, beyond the hunched shoulders, and underneath there is a smoldering fire waiting to ignite. Ignite the fire and there is no turning back. Things are about to change. I was among the most honored of the city. I was the daughter of a landowning noble, and now I am dishonored. Nanowrimo 2013
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The Last Protector reviews
They lived beside us, protecting us from ourselves, but their time was coming to an end. Kayla becomes a protector for love of a man, but there is a group of humans determined to kill the protectors. T for violence, rating may change to M later
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,066 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 9/20/2011
The Hunters and the Healer reviews
What happens when dragonets get hunted? Can the Healer save them? Or are the dragonets a lost species?
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Fight school reviews
A strange story that twists and turns. Some romance and alot of fights. Follow the views of four friends that slowly divide into four enimies. please reveiw
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A short story about an armeggedon in a future world. Rated T for mild use of language and violence.
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Whisper a Wish, My Hawk reviews
She lived in a school for Hawk riders. She did not have one of the large Hawks to ride. She wanted a Hawk. She would do anything to get a Hawk to ride. Will have romance later on and includes mind powers and giant Hawks.
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The story of the way a couple people change a kingdom , create a character still more characters needed , T as precautionary
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Nisa was my horse and my best friend. Now she has left me. This is her memorial.
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Cataract reviews
A girl is seen in a memory field, she says she has no name and is never remembered. Call her cataract, for she has been blinded. She wants to be remembered. Remember her in 2110, the year that Carena lives in...
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I had a cat. She died. I wrote this memorial in her honor. She was a good cat
Poetry: Life - Rated: K - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 230 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 11/10/2007 - Complete
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