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Hi, I'm LightPrevails!

I'm a girl about the age of twenty (who still needs to update this profile because I wrote it close two years ago. So just...bear with me). I've been on Fictionpress for a couple years and I'm happy to say that my writing has greatly improved. In the beginning I sounded like a confused preteen and now...I sound slightly less confused. I feel quite accomplished.

I live somewhere in the United States. I don't know why anyone would be interested in the exact state I live in so no use posting it.

I'm a Christian and proud of it. I'm finding that being a slave of Christ is a rather unpopular thing these days. But if that's the price I have to pay to be a child of God then...bring the rain. :)

As a Christian, I do struggle with the type of issues I want to address in my stories. Even including foul language is something I debate. So while I do include cursing and difficult issues in my story, I want my readers to know that this is to reflect the characters in a realistic way and to introduce a form of character development.

So here are some interesting/sub-interesting/not interesting facts about me:

Music - Anything off a Disney soundtrack, Evanescence, Linkin Park, NeverShoutNever, the JO BROS, a little Justin Bieber (go head and laugh), Taylor Swift, Christian Rock music, classical music, Tobymac, Tokio Hotel, Michael Buble, Elton John, Lights, Owl City, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra

Movies - EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING THAT IS DISNEY, all Hitchcock films, Remember the Titans, Half Nelson, NOT the Notebook, the Dark Knight, Adam, the Corspe Bride, the Prince of Egypt, How to Train your Dragon, Julie and Julia, all Myazaki films, Saving Private Ryan, Driving Miss Daisy, the Kings Speech, the Nightmare before Christmas, Finding Neverland, Flipped, all Pixar films…..can’t think of anymore (I want to be a film buff so this list will need to expand)

Books - As ashamed as I am to say this...I hate reading. And I mean it. I detest reading. I know in order to become a proficient writer I need to read but I loathe it so. The only book I actually dutifully and happily read is the Bible. In the meantime, I'm forcing myself to read Jane Austen's Emma and to Kill a Mocking Bird. Wish me luck.

Food - Chinese food (yum!), coffee ice-cream, coffee by itself, salsa, anything that includes pasta

Random - I like making AMV's (Anime Music Videos). It's where I mash up a TV show or movie with a song of my choice and make a video with cool effects. I've been doing it for about five years now and I've gotten pretty good. I also love sports. I may be a girl but I know a lot more about sports than you might think. My favorite sports are probably Football (American), Hockey, and Tennis. I also like looking up movie statistics. Biggest office success? Biggest flop? I love knowing it all.

Thanks for reading my profile. You are awesome.

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Slice of Me reviews
Three weeks. Just three weeks and she would have been Mrs. Elisia Hubbard. And yet, Ellie now finds herself a debt-ridden, ex-college student living at her parents house with no hopes of ever moving on. How is it that the charming manager at a pizzeria is helping her piece her life back together after the man she trusted the most broke it a part? Here's a cynical slice of Ellie.
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I suppose getting a sponsorship from some beyond wealthy guy is quite opportune. But being his intern and living in his mansion with his wife and twin sons…I didn't ask for all that. Even more, one twin hates me and the other can't keep his hands off me!
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I was okay with being a nerd. Then my twin brother decided to screw me over. Now I'm pretending to be him. Being the pride of his school, the football star, dumping his girlfriend, and falling in love with his best friend. Now I didn't ask for all that.
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All dads hate first boyfriends at first
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Searching for the One reviews
It's prom and even though I hate it...I've gotta find someone. Too bad I'm a magnet for rejection. --Tammy Ugh...why doesn't she just ask? Doesn't she know I've loved her since the first grade? -- Jimmy. It's time to expect the unexpected. ONEHSOT
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The Obsession of Love reviews
Deathly shy girls don't have three things: a heard voice, confidence , and a guy. I didn't expect any of that to change at my new school. But Bastion Welles sees something in me. And he has made me his obsession...and no matter what...I'm going to be his.
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The Guy with the Green Belt reviews
I love belts. He was the guy with the green belt. I love him. Too bad he thinks I'm a freak. ONESHOT. I just wanted to say this story has like no concept…I wrote it on a whim. So um…don't expect much
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