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Review. Review! REVIEW!

R is for Read.
E is for Enjoy.
V is for V...Veal? Victory?...Um...Review and you feel so victorious you'll want to eat veal?
I is for Um...well...damn I truly suck at this. UM IGNORE THIS ONE! (O_O!) Ah I just found I! I is for IGNORE THIS ONE.
E is for Excitement!
W is for...Wordy? Worldly?

Um...just ignore this random burst of craziness. AH I just remember!

W is for WHITE HAIR! WHITE HAIR RULES! They're ultra cool and sleek! I even dyed my hair to white and of course, my mother screamed but hey, they're parents.

Extra message: Gasp! I have a natural white hair! QUICK! Gotta pull it out and make ten more appear! Wait...why do I have white hair at young age? Hmmmmmm. shrugs Oh well, gotta love white.

Okay, going to be serious for a moment. I love reviews. Who wouldn't love reviews? And because I know other loves reviews, I want to give reviews. Reviews may be simple but it's actually an inspiration to all of us writers. It make us feel good and make us inspired to write more. Heck, it inspire to update our stories faster. That's why I want to encourage those who read stories to leave a review behind. It doesn't take a lot of time and it's not going to kill you. It may be annoying to you readers but hey think about it. FASTER UPDATES! Give love to the authors who poured their guts out into their stories. You have to give them credits for that. That's why I'm stalking around Fictionpress, searching for anything that gives me the slightest interest and there I'll give reviews. I'm currently in the Manga section because I love, love, love anime and manga. Well, I love manga more than anime but anime is pretty to watch and manga is well fun to read lol. I read more than a thousand manga. So I'm huge manga lover and I'll read lot of stories. Heck, you'll see me leaving reviews for new authors because I know it'll make them feel better plus I leave reviews because the story is damn good, so that's additional benefit.


The following list will be all the anime I seen and manga I read. I'm not going to summerize them. Rather, I'm just going to say the pros and cons, so you can see what twisted mind I have.


Rurouni Kenshin - Anime/Manga
Pro: You gotta love the characters. Who would not love Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, and Sanosuke? Definitly one of the best classics. Also, who would not love the awesome swordfights and the cool martial arts techniques!
Con: I wish the anime would have animated the Enishi arc instead of using the OAV. COME ON, I want to see Yahiko in his proudest moments. This is why I love manga more.

Getbackers - Anime/Manga
Pro: The characters are well-drawn. The fighting scenes are awesome and some have really cool moves. And I have to love Jackal and his sadistic personality.
Con: I wish they could have more fighting moves. The final arc of anime is weird filler but we can't really expect all arcs to be animated sadly.

Suikoden III - Game/Manga
Pro: The manga revealed more of the main heroes' personalities and have much more character interactions than the game.
Con: The game revealed endings of all characters you recruited but the manga only focused on major characters which is understandable because there are 108 characters.


Mixed Vegatables - Manga
Pro: I guess I would say, I like the character designs. I like the comedy of it. Plus I have weaknesses for cooking manga.
Con: I'm not sure how to say it. The story seemed a little cliched and I wish they could focus more on romance but hey the pace is cool.

High School Debut - Manga
Pro: The two main characters had some of the most funniest interactions I ever read and both of them had hilarious personalities.
Con: The side characters can be boring in some parts.

Love Com - Manga
Pro: Gotta love the love/hate relationship and comedies shared between the tallest girl and shortest guy.
Con: The sub-characters could use more spotlights or more development.

Till next time, I'll updated my anime/manga list!

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