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NAME: Lyyli-Annemari Laaksalo

AGE: 23

BIO: I'm currently a nurse who is working on advancing her education in Psychology. I have a passion for writing (which I assume most people on this site do). I was born in Tampere, and when I was three, my parents and I made the trip to America. I find inspiration in all places, and I suppose you could say I have quite the overactive imagination!


BEHIND THE CAMERAS: Laura Sanseri is a young actress who, after a series of traumatic events, is finding it hard to keep up with the life set out before her. This story takes us through the hardships, the heartbreak, and the loves that help save her life in more ways than one.


FOR THOSE IN PERIL: All her life, Kathryn Wellington has lived in a home where she was nothing more than a burden. After being betrothed to her father's protégé, the young woman was put on a ship from England to the newly found colonies of the Americas to begin her new life. Captain Corin Ward is a former officer of the British Navy, ostracized for his colony-sympathetic beliefs. His new target in the quest for a free America: the Commander assigned to New England as a dictator of British law. The only way for Captain Ward to entice his enemy from the Americas is to take hostage what he thinks is most important to the Commander: his betrothed, Kathryn. For Those in Peril describes Kathryn's journey, the Captain's schemes, and the attraction that inevitably grows between the two. (26/7/2008)

THE GIFT: Bin Smythe was her best friend. The two had shared everything since she moved to Medford, Oregon as a child. He had accepted her when others had not, he had protected her when she was in trouble, and he had comforted her when she needed it the most. Now, Nora Fitzpatrick has to face one of her worst fears: losing Bin. With no one to help her, what will her heart drive her to do to bring him back? (23/4/2009)


Part 10 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (18/11/2009)

Part 9 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (19/8/2009)

Hey, guys! I don't want you all to think I forgot about you. My summer session in school recently ended, and I have been working hard on part 9 of "For Those in Peril." I also have been doing some research for another story I have brewing in my head, so when I feel comfortable enough to put up a preview for that, I'll let you know! (8/8/09)

Part 8 (new) of "For Those in Peril" is up! Some of you are wondering about the second half of 7 being in italics, but I can assure you... it is not a dream sequence! (9/6/2009)

For those of you who are wondering where on earth Chapter 8 of "For Those in Peril" went, I simply combined it with Chapter 7. Don't freak out if you get notices for new chapters and there are none, lol. Just doing some construction.(29/5/2009)

Part 8 of "For Those in Peril" is up! It's kind of a shorter chapter, but I will make up for it later! PS: Don't get mad guys... (26/5/09)

Part 7 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (25/5/09)

Part 6 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (1/5/09)

I have recently began working on the preliminary chapters of my new story: "The Gift." Keep an eye out! (23/4/2009)

Part 5 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (2/4/09)

I am working on coming up with ideas for my next story! If any of you have an idea, or would like to see something written, please PM me with your ideas! Thank you! (1/4/2009)

Part 4 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (22/3/09)

Part 3 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (9/3/09)

Part 2 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (17/10/08)

I'm now registering as a Beta-Reader, so if you need me to look over your stories before you submit them to FictionPress, let me know, and I'll gladly help you out! (20/8/08)

Part 1 of "For Those in Peril" is up! (8/8/08)

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Upon being shipped to her future husband in colonial America, Kathryn Wellington is kidnapped by a rogue, colony-sympathetic, former British naval captain.
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