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How do you wish your tongue to be served, flayed for its blasphemy, barbecued for its bite, or boiled for its length?

How should I see the world? Should I see it by what people say? By what my parents think I should see? Or should I go by my friends opinions?

How should I be judged? By the manner I act and dress? How people think I should act or dress? Or by thoughts your thinking I may not be thinking when I think what I think is independeant of what your thinking on me means.

At Burger King we have a nice way of dealing with nice customers. "Here's your order, sir. I put a few extra fries in there just for you. Sorry 'bout the wait, but we made it fresh just for you." This is honesty and goodness. They were kind and seemed kind so we were kind to them.

At Burger King we have a nice way of dealing with ass holes. What I am saying. "Have a nice day, sir. I hope you enjoy the meal." What I am meaning. "Sir we filled your burger bun full of ketchup, so when you take a nice bite from your burger...BOOM ketchup all over. Have a nice day, because I know I will!"

There you go, how I operate and think. I hope you got a kick out of that...I sure had fun imagining the millions of eyes scrolling through this thinking "What the Hell?" If you're looking for more specific information...ummmm...

I am twenty-two years of age with a muscular build, a deep tan, dark brown eyes and a thick italian accent which just shows how alluring most women find me. I spend my time thinking and pondering how to make this world a better place for the opposite sex. I do this all while driving around in my 2025 Mustang which is clean for the environment.

Okay, there ya go. That's me. Oh, "And have a nice day."