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omg! alright im a little peeved cause im having to rewrite this cause my internet is completly geh and trying to ruin my life!

alright, this is my second account. i made this one, cause im a retard and forgot what email address i signed up with as well as the password. kinda sucks...actually really sucks. but i guess thats what i get huh? stay away from something for a couple years, you're bound to forget some things right? except in my case, i forget all the important stuff. sigh or maybe its because i use to collect screen names and email adresses...who knows? prolly a little of both.

so my pen name use to be ristica

it can't be that anymore on the site because the bot system is just as geh as my internet!!

so its pandapoop which i mean, come on! how cool is that, the panda makes the poop just sound so much cuter! lmao! anyways, im basically nuts, so if you feel you must, ignore me. _

so what actually brought me back to the site, is i've been working on this new story. i think its alright but i need some reviews on it. i have tons of ideas and pretty much have the storyline down but feedback is always nice especially in the beginning. as for my other stuff on the other account, i'll be putting some of it back up...well the things im still proud of. there's one thing in particular that a few people seemed to really like and that was blayzion, blayzion will not be being put back up right away because i feel there's alot of things i could do to make it better and me more happy with it. but eventually it too will be posted again. and bleak? bleak is a joke...i think it might have potentional...but...i was totally rushing through it...

i've grown up alot over these past 5 years, i'm no longer living in houston -ive moved to north carolina. i have a fiance and a baby girl now, who'll be turned 6 months on the 18th. so im sure they've helped me grow and expand alot. i'd like to think the same thing is happening with my writing, i think its improved alot, and hopefully will continue to improve. for those of you who've following me since ''re awesome and i love you! 3

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