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(January 2017)

I have a new cover for The Venomsword, which I hope you will all get to see soon, and appreciate as much or almost as much as I do. Also, not a side note, I am now posting my in-progress chapters of the sequel "The Viper's Chase" here on Fictionpress. Look forward to that. I will try to post every week, or every other week. It will be longer than The Venomsword, probably around 120,000 words.

While I am doing that, I have, if you noticed, begun writing a novella for you to enjoy in the interim: The Bandit of Aelaete, set in the same world as The Venomsword, but 400 years later. I am aiming to make that around 40,000 words, so it'll be much easier to write and finish. But, I will be using shorter chapter lengths, Modesitte style, to make more happen in fewer words.

As for Dreamwalker, I am afraid I will be taking a short break on my long-term work on that while the Bandit is being written because I have to finish my study of Ulysses and, (hopefully) Finnigan's Wake, to be able to understand Joyce's style better.

And, as always, I appreciate everyone's help, because, as you might not be aware, things posted here are 'in-the-rough' and I am only too happy too polish them up.

(Also, finally, I might see some people at RadCon in Eastern Washington in February, so look forward to it!)

-Tremble Wolf

(September 2016)

I have just finished and published The Venomsword in August, and I'd like to thank everyone for their help in getting it right. I hope you have enjoyed reading it, and that you might want to purchase the final version. You can find a link to it at the publisher's website varida(dot)com.

I will be relying on you all again as I work on the sequel, The Viper's Chase, and I look forward to whatever input you have, good or bad, since all advice is useful.

You can also find me at my blog,

-Tremble Wolf

(March 2016)

Project Dreamwalker is going well, though I would appreciate comments. I been able to post every week, which I am quite happy to do, but it is becoming harder and harder to write. I may need to take a little more time to collect my ideas and prepare for the next chapter, but hopefully this month too I can write four chapters.

The sequel to The Venomsword will be a while in coming since I still have a lot of work to do plotting and preparing, and especially since I am trying to publish it this summer.

I am considering posting my revision to The Archaeologist, but that which was my first real project might have to wait a little longer as I make sure it is a more mysterious, engaging story, mixed with fantasy, magic, wonder, and the supernatural--as well as school-life drama. However, I have come a long way since then, and feel I might be able to write that story, and make it a much better one than before.

-Tremble Wolf

(February 2016)

Well, as I have begun working on Dreamwalker, I thought I'd have less time to repair my other book The Venomsword. It appears I was mistaken, all the chapters are now updated to my draft 5 versions, which as far as I can tell are final. I have sent it off for editing, so please, leave your reviews and tell me what you think; because it is officially completed.

Those of you who only care about Dreamwalker, that hurts, but I understand. I have completed the second chapter already, but I am having it proofed first before I present it to you here. Please bear with me.

Tremble Wolf signing off.

Hello everyone,

No, I am not a regular on FP, but that's merely because like one of my role models, Sherlock Holmes, I go through bouts of rabid productivity, and severe lethargy where all my ideas seem worthless, however, if I have learned anything about writing, it is that even a worthless idea can be done well.

I have finished my first book in a while, The Venomsword, read it if you like, but try not to be pedantic, I have editors to fix that. (Just kidding, I need the help.) Currently I am between major projects, and studying Mechanical Engineering, which sadly is not as fun as writing... which is bloody hard. My book that I will be working on in the mean time is a concept piece of experimental fiction which with time I hope to turn into a novel, but for now is just Project Dreamwalker.

Thoughts and advice are always appreciated, even if they are scathing, but I'd prefer they weren't. So please, favorite if you like, review, etc.

Also, I may make my own mistakes in the writing field, but if you want my input on your projects, just ask.

-Tremble Wolf

(January 2016)

(September 2015)

I have returned from my hiatus on this site. In the past four years I have spent a lot of time in my studies and on my writing. I will leave my previous works on this site merely for the sake of nostalgia, and because my writer-role-models have said to never delete your previous work.

I will be posting my latest draft chapters for my first novella that I will hopefully have finished by December 2015, perhaps sooner. As such I am looking for comments on my chapters.

What promises am I making to you in this story? What are you expecting to happen?

I want to hear all your suspicions, what you think is missing, and what might be too much. I have not earned the language of my favorite authors yet, but you will see me trying. When I publish, you will see your pen-names listed in the thanks, that is after the one who pushed me to write.

-I look forward to all your comments, even if you hate my book, I only ask that you remain civil, even if you entirely hate the plot, setting, and characters.

Thank you.

-Tremble Wolf

(October 2015)


I have started a side project that is quite a bit of fun to write. It is primarily in English but there is occasional Japanese dialogue, which, if you can read it adds to the fun, and if you can't I make it clear what was being discussed. This is going to be a short piece I think, maybe a series of short-stories, But I hope you enjoy this unusual post-apocalyptic story of a young woman and a a squirrel trying to make their way in the ruins of New York, and hopefully, beyond.

(November 2015)

I just realized that as I close on the end of The Venomsword, currently around 130 pages, that I might just finish the last three chapters by December as I hoped. That was my NaNoWriMo goal, not 50,000 words, though, 21,000 words isn't bad for me in a month. I only have two real chapters left and the epilogue, but I expect to get a lot of work done over the Thanksgiving break and before finals... (Which I am not excited for, Fluid mechanics are the worst, which is why I focus on writing; the best creative outlet.)

If anyone would be so kind as to leave comments as I close up the first book in this series it would help me in the final revision process a lot so that I can prepare to publish. I know that Fictionpress is notorious for the lack of help that people receive when compared to the atmosphere at Fanfiction, but I would really appreciate your input and support as a fellow writer. Of course, in return, I will help you if I have anything to offer. I will not just comment on your commas or semi-colons, I will read as a reader, who is moderately well-read. I will give you what I think is going to happen next, what characters I suspect will get together and let you know if I think they start to act like someone else. These kinds of comments are what I would like to receive, so according to the golden rule, I will give that to you if you should decide to read my work.

Thank you readers who have commented privately so far, and my supporters in my writing group, I finally feel that I can finish this work.

(January 2016)

I have completed this draft of The Venomsword, and am working on editing and cleaning of the draft. You will see chapters replaced, but there will not be new content in this book, however, once the editing is completed I will be handing off my book for other help and begin work on cover and publishing. Then I will start working on the sequel to The Venomsword, projected to be called "Catching the Crown" and will be roughly thirty percent longer, though I still need to complete my outline.

If you would review the story as a whole, or leave chapter reviews of things that need my attention, I would be extremely grateful.

I always thought I wouldn't sell myself, that begging for views, or likes, or reviews, was somehow debasing, but now I understand. So, please, read, and review, and if you like it, add it to your favorites. I do not like asking, but I am all the same.

-Tremble Wolf

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