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Here's a piece of A Walk in the Night just in case you haven't read it yet:

A Walk in the Night

Some say that near the end of one’s life, when one is cloaked in darkness, and hears the soft whispers of dread in the wind, when one feels the cold movements of the shadows stirring in the night and sees the light vanish in fear of the dark, that one has reached the end of the line. The path of life has come to an end and all there is left is the lonely abyss of nothingness. The darkness that is Death is a beacon of the end.

Death has haunted my consciousness since as far back as I can remember. It has haunted me since the death of my mother’s grandmother, my Great Grandma Olla. It’s been a burden to have my first memory be one of great sadness and affect the rest of my life. She passed away when I was five years old and the pain of finding out has never faded with her. Since her death, more have followed her into the night.

The worry of death is no ordinary fear. It’s a fear of the inevitable. There is no living forever. There is no escaping death. Everyone walks into the night. Believe me, I know from personal experience.

My name is David Dark and I was the new Death personified…

My name is Will Robinson II. I grew up in Redford, Michigan, but in my early teen years, moved to Sterling Heights. There, I met my best friends: Raymond, Jaleel, Ebony, Nathan, Courtney, Heather, Julie, Jenna, Katie, and Bryan. Though Jr. High and High School was an emotional rollercoaster, they helped me through it. Man I hated High School. Especially, my marching and concert band classes. Though 10th grade was good, 11th grade sucked. I was alone, and loathed in the dark, sort of speak, well, sort of. 12th grade came the next year and somehow, I became popular to the new 10th graders. Must have been because of the way I dressed (urban darkly), or maybe my new since of comical Black vs. White attitude. Anyway, I appealed to them, making my 12th grade year my best year in High School, socially. Academically, 10th grade was the best year. After High School, I began college and so did most of my friends. Nothing notable happened here yet except for the foundation of A Walk in the Night at the very beginning of my Freshmen year, but knowing my life something will.

I'm the oldest of four in a house of six. I'm named after my grandfather and my father is named after his. Coincidentally, we all have the same name. Justin (Jus), my first brother, is two years younger then I am, and seems to absorb knowledge at a rapid rate. I not-so-secretly am jealous of him because of that, but I've come to terms with it only because of the fact that I inherited the good looks. I'm the writer, he's the artist. Athena (Ty), my only sister, is five years younger then Justin is. I see a lot of myself in her; like watching a little female version of myself growing up. If she is like me, which she is, it would explain her constant randomness and her need to make everyone laugh. Pity, all she gets is the sound of crickets. She seems to be quickly picking up on both me and Justin's skills in Literature, Writing, and Art. Jacob (Jake) is my youngest brother, and the last of us. He is two years younger then Athena. Now Jacob is a true prodigy of random comedy. You should read his explanation on Why the Chicken Crossed The Road. He loves playing sports and playing video games. The Newest addition to our household is our new dog, Scrappy (Scrap, Pup, Skip, and other different variations). He's three years old, a full grown dog now, but he acts like he's just six months. We've all come to love that dog, even Ma (though she'd never admit it), but I believe that I love that dog the most. I don't know what I'd do without that dog in my life anymore--Imagines himself buying another puppy-- I love you Pup.

I, along with my brother Jus, am a big comic book fan. We like both the DC and Marvel Universes, but know more about the latter. A lot of my ideas tend to arise from them. I also like Dark Fantasy, such as vampires, werewolves, demons, and angels. A lot of my stories and short novels are dark, suspenseful and sinister, mostly revolving around a dark hero, or a psychotic or emotionally unstable villain. Right now, my latest work is A Walk in the Night- a story told by Death himself on how he became what he is, the reaper of souls, Fatality.

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The worry of death is no ordinary fear. It’s a fear of the inevitable. There's no living forever. There's no escaping death. Everyone walks into the night. Believe, I know from personal experience. My name is David Dark and I was the new Death personified
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