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August 2002,

Hi Everyone. You haven't seen me posting here in a while so I thought I'd let everyone know what I'm up to.

First of all, happy news. The Cale Diaries won 2 PULSE AWARDS this year! Here's the link to the PULSE AWARDS site. Check it out.



My newest big project this year is the DA Virtual Season 3. A bunch of fic writers have gotten together to put the season together. Let me tell you it's amazing! The next best thing to the show itself. Here's the website.


The first episode premieres on September 10th.

You'll also be happy to know that Cale Diaries Season 2 is coming soon. I've got 2 great collaborators this year Catherder and Zanna. We've got 10 chapters in final beta. So look for it soon!

And who knows, there may be another fic or two brewing in the background as well.

In the meantime here are some of my favorite fics that I'm sure you'd love. Many of these great fics were nominated for or won PULSE AWARDS as well.

My first theme is insights into the individual characters themselves. These stories really reveal the characters' hearts.

Don't call me Angel by is1bel.
Wanderings by Augustana Rae.
Real Girl by Star24.
Head Case by Joy (a unique glipse into Max's future).

2. Logan:
Sight Unseen by Queen Gwenyvere.
A Rainy Evening by Starlight.
Real Girl Chapter 2 by Star24.
Encounter by Catherder - Logan, with a little help from an unexpected source, gets to do what we all know he is capable of but has never really had a chance to demonstrate on DA
John Doe by Moonshadow - A unique and touching perspective on Logan. 2002 PULSE AWARDS WINNER!

Logan poetry:
I just love all the poetry that's been inspired by Shorties in Love. Some great insights into Logan.These are my faves.

Parts by Gatekeeper.
A window to the Soul by Lady Callie.
Seeing You by Joy.

3. Zack: For great insights into Zack read:
A Really Short little Zack story by Empress Vader. (Zack at 3 years old).
The Mouse by Empress Vader (Zack as a kid).
The Lost Son by Empress Vader
Alone by ScifiAngel.
Amen,Drowning,The Perfect Smile and Golden World by Eternity.
Waiting for Silence by BK.
All or Nothing by Max2019

4. An Unnamed Character
Hidden Behind Glass by Starlight (Read it to find out who it is. Very moving)

5. Matt Sung
Much Abides by Rach L.

6. Tinga
Floating in Memory by Zanna

7.Max's Mom
No Greater Love by Amy Lock - Very creative and touching look at how Max's surrogate mom got involved with Manticore.

My second theme is longer action adventure stories. If you really want to get immersed in a story check these out.

1. Denoument by Rach L. - Amazing Logan/Max/Eyes Only adventure, with very touching characterizations. Read it then harrass Rach. L. to finish it!
2. The Ties that Bind (Books 1 and 2) by Limona - If you thought you liked Zack read this and you will love him. Intelligent, mature, intense action.
3. On the Outside and Life on the Outside by Limona - Another excellent action adventure series with all the X5's. Cool AU twists.
4. Helplessness, Detachment and Stupidity by bk - Reads just like an episode. I could see this one in film. Great blend of action, angst, humour and shippiness.
5. New World Old Ghosta by Aquila
6. Through the woods by Gilenagile

My third theme is laughter.
1. Streets of Seattle by NBGirl - You'll laugh so hard you'll pee your pants!
2. Oh Mother Where Art Thou? by Twisted Serious - Hilarious, touching, romantic wonderful writing.
3. Extra Ordinary I by Preciousjax - Intensely hilarious and packed with action
4. Downtime by Vivadyne - Zack as you've never seen him before
5. The Story of Max Cale by Pari106 - Amazing action romance and humor in this scrambled world.
6. A Wonderful Normal Life - by Catherder - 2002 PULSE AWARDS WINNER!
7. This Makes No Sense Whatsoever - by Gilenagile - All I can say is this writer is insame! ROFLMOL!

My Fouth theme is Shippiness - M/L
1. If at first you don't succeed - by willow
2. Shipper Second season - by willow - 2002 PULSE AWARDS WINNER!
3. More - by Marquie
4. A Real European Christmas - Rajana
5. Dandelion Wine - by Starlight
6. Sight Unseen by Queen Gweneveire
7. From Darkness to Light by Rachel Wilder
8. A Spin in the Park - by Catherder 2002 PULSE AWARD WINNER!