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Author has written 5 stories for Fantasy, Romance, and Action.

Gender: Gay man trapped in the body of a woman.

Age: 21. [sick eh?]

Writing: Recently my focus has turned away from fantasy and started more into general fiction and Romantic comedy... Yes _;

Currently working on:

Etherworld: -Being Rewritten. Again-Modern Day Fantasy MF

Magic, wonder and goldfish. I don't know where I'm taking this yet. It's being re-written again. Will update when I have something to say about it. Hehe.

Of Clockwork and Wax: -Oh Hiatus... until I find my plot book- Past Day Fantasy MF MM

Most people think zombies are mindless, vampires are instinctual killers and nothing more, and that slayers have the right to take their lives, but in feudal Europe there may be a different take on things.

All the wars in your history books carry out the same, but there has been text omitted. The wars were not between the french and the English, no, there was something more heinous going on. Something far more dangerous.

Two unknowing young slayers are thrown headlong into a war that has been raging thousands of years. Vampires fight because they must eat to live, humans fight because they must survive. In all of this mess lies one vampire, Tobias, who just wishes to find the murderers who slayed his family. But he wants worse than revenge, he wants them to feel his pain. And with one bite, he can make it so.

When it comes down to it, Hans must make the most important decision of his life, when his partner, his lover falls victim to a bite, will he let her live, or kill her before she wakes on the third day?

Why City Boys Don't Wear Pink Skirts: -Complete. With sequal being written- Romantic Comedy MM

A young man finds himself trapped for two weeks in the most horrible hell imaginable. Summer camp. In spring. Most likely in Canada. The only amusement he finds is in tormenting one of the councilers with his constant advances.

His sparadic thinking and 90 degree angle thought process make it very hard for Kade to keep on track, even when he's set a goal. And he always ends up putting more in his mouth than he can chew-or swallow for that matter.

Why Fresh Meat Models Prefer Diet Pepsi: -In the works. Sequel to Why City Boys- Real Life Comedy? MM

Kade's grown up, though not enough to truly be able to take care of himself. He's gotten a job, fled his family, found a place and gotten a whole new set of problems.

I won't tell you more as it'll spoil the plots-omgosh plots!


I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you have, it would encourage me greatly to write, so if you have a spare minute after reading, please feel free to leave me a message, a review, anything of the sort There is a 100 percent chance I will reply back and with more than just a 'thanks'. Perhaps I'll even direct you to some art if you enjoy the characters enough.

Glad you took the time!


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