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Hello all, even though I'm pretty certain no one will read this, maybe Michelle will and if so HI MICHELLE!! So i decided to be a little less sketchy with the details, so um, if you know me, this will all just be old news ...

Anyway, back to telling you about me! My name is Ashlei, I suppose that unique spelling is what started my obsession with the strange and out of the ordinary. I have kitty cat eyes which change from hazel to green constantly, I have brown hair that is lighter and darker all over the place and light olive skin. I might be just like you, but the fact is, I'm probably not. And you know what, I don't want to be just like you either, and I don't want you to be just like me. I guess thats what makes me special. I don't really care what other people think of me either. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, who would I be to try and manipulate yours? I tend to over analyse everything, just a little fun fact about me.

Things I Like
Wicca/Sweep series
Twilight series
ice-queen-157- Read her stories, she's a really talented girl. Shes one of my best friends, and I will love her forever.
I love my 13 hotties who I'm not entirely sure I could live without. Let's just say, they keep my sane.
Anything kitch/cutesy with a Japanese cartoon character on it (yes Hello Kitty and friends, I mean you!)
My Individaulity (which really should be top of the list)
Anything by Matthew Reilly, Kim Wilkins, Annie Dalton and Scott Westerfeld.

Things I Dislike
Yeah, I don't dislike much . . .other than people who try to take my individuality away. You want to be a clone? Thats none of my business, good luck to you, but don't turn me into one too while you're at it.

I don't really sleep. My motto is "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and the wierd thing is, I don't really need to sleep. Consequently most of my 'inspiration flashes' occur between the hours of 1-3 am, and thats when you'll find me in my room, IPod on, listening to some Def Leppard, and writting my little heart out.

So there you go, the neat little package that is my life. But sometimes, when you unwrap a package, the contents aren't exactly what you first imagined. So you like? You don't? Good, cause I don't really give a damn!

Wow, I come off really agressive in that, don't I? Oh well, no, I'm actually really nice. Honestly. I'm the cute, quirky little girl-next-door, so if you play nice, so do i :D

Now to the thing I love the most, character bios! yay! cheer! Here's the way I do it. So I can have a clear picture in my head of what my characters look like, I cast them, kind of like in a movie! So here's my personal casting choices for my stories! If you have someone else in mind when you read it, personaly message me, I'd love to hear about it!

Crossed Destinies

Played by Blake Lively

Played by Kristen Bell


Played by Emmy Rossum

Played by Michelle Trachtenberg

Played by Leighton Meester

Played by Alex Pettyfer

Played by Drew Fuller

Played by Gaspard Ulliel

Played by Joe Jonas

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