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What the hell is a "Lucius Muse"? I am evil. Seriously. The Draco/Dumbledore one is on its way. Featuring a very naive (but 18, of course) Draco, and a very perverted Professor Dumbledore. So what else is new?

It's entitled "Dripping" by the way. And like Dumbledore with his Viagra Vultures, it will be up very soon.

Feed me. I do not live on what Harry feeds his flobberworms, instead I eat reviews for breakfast. I love hispanic cuisine, so all flames will be appreciated.

Naughty Line of the Day:
"No one would know, Harry," said Bagman, winking at him.

Latest: "Flobbertongue" - Harry/Flobberworm. Dedicated to "Slash Muse."