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ahaha as you can see I didn't really do anything to my profile...but I have taken a break from well writing my own stories. I originally started writing for fanfiction, the companion site for fictionpress. I do love to write, but I do not plan on being a writer when I graduate. When I made my profile, which was back in 2007, I was mostly interested in the supernatural, I still am, but I have come to realize that there is a whole other world out there, a world called: REALITY!! ahaha anyway I started to gain my writing abilities back, now that it is the summer, and also because of all these story ideas filling my head. I have recently come up with my newest story: Regaining the Pieces! go check it out!

About me:

Likes (in no particular order):

vampires (the dark and intense eyes, not to mention the fangs)

romance (every gal loves a good romance)

happy ending (who doesn't?)

smutty smutty stories .

my hs life! (i'm very content)

green tea ice cream (remember I live in Japan!)

navy & marines! ;3


reviews (especially from total strangers!)

misunderstood hot bad guys --yum

i like a good scene with discriptive fighting...especially the gory parts lol


werewolves (who are bad guys, depends on their personalities if they're good guys...)

racism to asians (i only tolerate if i make the jokes)

a story with no attempt at good grammer or spelling (unless the author did it on purpose for the fun of it)

a story filled with the gooey gushy lovey dovey love + me reading it = me throwing up!

army and air force (as you have seen I have included navy above, I'm a military brat)

american comics (I make exceptions for Teen Titans and Young Justice now)

hot guys who act so serious that they don't give you the time of day-- every girl hates them...unless the girl is clingy

people who think they can beat me in a fight, when they have no experience (i take a class called domokai aikido)

hard rap


annoying ex boyfriends (i have one that I really, really hate)

cliché romance stories or ones with too much drama (makes me want to puke too)

Bad author habits that readers do not like:--A MUST READ TO READERS!!

my one bad habit is not going through with my stories = not finishing it, that's because of so much story ideas in my head, or I just get bored with it

from my friends who read my stories, they say that my current tense and past tense are mixed in the story, I know that completely drives a reader crazy sometimes...currently working on that the most!

it takes me a long time to write a chapter if I'm not motivated, I encourage readers to give me reviews to cure that...ehehe, but it's also due to school so I must apologize when the school year starts again.

I easily get writer's block, this is from just starting to write and no organizing skills are involved. I tried to do a plot chart thingie, but it has not worked.

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