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Author has written 7 stories for Life, Love, Horror, Historical, and Play.

I'm Erin, living in Australia. Have enjoyed reading and writing for some time, but have finally gotten my ass into gear and produced some work. Used to write poetry, will give that another try at some stage. Write most genres, but not sci fi or fantasy. Historical fiction is my favourite.

Currently working on:

- The Liberty Days (will be given another title): a remodelling of the French Revolution in the setting of an English boarding school during the 1940s. The students take over the school. Robespierre's character is made female. Teachers are killed.

- Don't Come Around (title may change): a girl goes to a new school, meets new friends, and somehow people around her all start getting injured or dying, in house fires or getting mugged. Turns out one of her closest friends' father is out to get him and trying to demoralise him by killing or hurting everyone around him. Not fun. They get through it eventually.

And many more to come. But they're the big two. Doing some short stories as well. One will be posted up soon, I promise.

My favourite authors:

Stephen King - how does he think up such amazing, intriguing plotlines every time?

Anne Rice - she had the vampire thing going strong for a while there

William Golding - Lord of the Flies was fantastic

Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist is one of my favourites

Oscar Wilde - the man writes with style

Edgar Allen Poe - his works are masterpieces!

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Charles is a uni student who helps a lazy politician solve the country's economic crisis. Now he attempts to bribe him with the secret in return for power. Charles will go very far to get what he wants. First play every written.
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