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Age: 18

Films: Horse movies lols, umm Harry potter, the Mighty Ducks any types of Disney movies, Romeo and Juliet the Baz Lurman (is that right) movie, Transformers, Chick flicks, sci-fis, no horrors even though people at glenny are attempting to get me to watch them.

Books: Twilight Saga, Tamora Pierce, Nora Roberts, Anne McCaffery, Ingo Series, Harry Potter, Wicked Lovely... etc

Music:I am overly ecelectic and listen to just about everything, I hate it when someone classes my music choices to single genres because I listen to just about anything and everything but that's just me.

Hobbies: Horse riding, taking my dog for walks when I'm home, running, swimming, reading FP and FF, reading books in general, umm drawing when I'm bored, Spider solitaire which is great in class, writing, love writing, I'm not fantastic at it but I do love it.

Quirks: umm I talk during movies except for when I make a concious effort not to, I blurt out random things especially when I'm over tired which is common for me since coming to Glenny, I'm shy, I used to be a real loner but since moving I guess I've changed and have a chirpier outlook on life, I love hoodies and jeans so much I rip holes in them, I listen to a lot of different music, I am a major procrastinator, I love m&m's, Naturals Jellybeans, cookie dough, satay chicken stirfry, chicken stirfry, Strawberry Philidelphia and i guess that's enough about me.

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Temporarily Removed.
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