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Oh, look, you've stumbled upon my profile! Gasp!

Who am I;

Hi, I'm unfortunately freckled. Yes, that's my screen name, and yes, I am indeed unfortunately freckled. My friends call me "nadie". It's a nickname derived from my real name. Props to anyone who can guess my real name :D

I like to think that I'm mature. Unfortunately, I'm also a romantic.

I have an unhealthy fondness for orange nail polish.

I'm attracted to arrogant and cocky guys because they have this air of confidence that's so very appealing to me.

Although you wouldn't ever catch me saying this in real life, I adore movies/songs/movies/whatever that make me cry. Actually, I don't believe that movies that make me cry are good movies - because I cry at anything/everything.

I love watching dramas -- my atm favourites are Skins, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and Queer as Folk (yes, I still love it!).

What I do;

I'm in college now, and I'm in Early Childhood Education. Why? Because I love kids. (I don't advice anyone to get into this field though, unless you're really committed. 'Cause the pay blows.)

Reading and writing are usually safe havens for me, which are the primary reasons why I'm here. However, having to write academic reports and assignments every other day has seriously put a damper for my motivation to write.

Pet Peeves;

Regarding stories on :

I hate it when authors write "your" instead of "you're" or vice versa. For example, He told me, "Your dead meat!" This annoys me so much! A lot of times, I refuse to continue reading stories with such grammar mistakes.

The word "hott" annoys me. It feels very junior high to me. Please, authors, spell it as "hot" instead.

Furthermore, I hate it when author potray their characters as super popular and super hot and everyone loves them (except those who are just plain ol' jealous, of course!). Okay, so I get it that every one of us are entitled to cliches, but to exaggerate it so much drives me insane. Mary Sues (and the male equivalent) suck.

But that said, I hate over-exaggerated popular guy/regular (but exceptionally beautiful) girl stories D:

My Stories/Updates;


It has been a very very long time since my last update, I admit. It's just that I didn't have much of a mood to write at all. School was killing me over and over. But since the birthday of one of my closest friends (and not to mention, the biggest fan of The Perfect Guy) and also Ferrie, a loyal reviewer or mine, is coming up, I thought a new chapter would be a good gift for them. Now, possible spoilers ahead.

Note(s) for The Perfect Guy (03): I made an effort to write more this time, than I ever did for the last few chapters. Writing the whole chunk about how B & T first met was actually an impulse. I mean, I already knew in my mind that they first met in a preschool setting, but I didn't really intend to flesh out that part initially. However, a few days ago, at my childcare centre, I saw this little girl going around and telling everyone that so-and-so is her boyfriend. I mean, that's so cute, and it struck me as something Brandon would have done when he was at that age. Also, I like Jen. Why? Because Jen = me. No really, all of Jen's wisecracks = my wisecracks. Her personality? Is like mine. I basically based her character on myself. Why? I have no idea XD OH, I have news! I've already figure how how this story is going to end. But it's still a loooong way to go, methinks.

Side-note (1): I've written a oneshot for my friend's birthday. Should I post it?

Side-note (2): Do you guys think I should get a beta reader? I mean, I usually check for typos by myself after I write, but as most of you realise, it's by no means a foolproof method. I, personally, don't think I need one, but I'm not the one who has to suffer through reading a story with (possibly) absurdly embarrassing typos. So let me know what you think?


So, as promised, I updated The Perfect Guy over the weekend. To be honest, I thought I wouldn't be able to keep that promise. I'd been trying to write Chapter II throughout the entire week, unsuccessfully. Then two days ago, I fainted. No really, I fainted. I slept from 2pm to 7.30am the next morning. And when I woke up, creative juices were flowing again! Hurrah! Possible spoilers.

Note(s) for The Perfect Guy (02): I liked this chapter - because I like Truth or Dare. Once again, I must've rewritten this chapter at least twenty times before I was satisfied with it. By the way, I got the ideas for the dares from here. Very valuable resources can be found there. I must say, some of the dares there really grossed me out, and some were...interesting, you might say. If I wasn't already past the age for Truth or Dare, I would totally try them out xP Also, it has only been a day, and already I've got 8 reviews :3 Thank you so much. And anyway, some of the reviewers asked about Tara's "memory" scene, with brown eyes and all. HA. I shall be mysterious here. Don't worry, if things go as planned, you'll find out what that was all about. Also, I'm glad a reviewer said that he/she can see that I'm taking the realistic route about the cliche of best friends falling in love. I'm trying my best, because my friend (a girl) is best friends with a guy, and no, they're not in love. So I've heard how annoying it is for people to go on and on about how they're perfect for each other and so on. So I believe I can somehow incorporate that into The Perfect Guy and make this more realistic.

There should be an update soon - but no promises!


I've updated The Perfect Guy and added a new oneshot called A different kind of love. I have a few notes that I didn't add to the respective documents because I wanted to keep them as clean and simple as possible (and in case readers hate that kind of stuff in the way of the actual chapter). Possible spoilers.

Note(s) for A different kind of love: I said that I got "inspired" to write this one by Steven Seagal, but there was actually another bigger source of inspiration. For this paper I had to write for school, I did some research and stumbled upon this article where a female police officer talked about going undercover as a street prostitute, and her encounter with a man who just wanted a kiss. That struck me as so sad and human.

Note(s) for The Perfect Guy (01): I've rewritten this chapter in so many different ways in my mind before finally deciding on the final product. In one of the other versions, Brandon was the one in Decks with Tara in the first place. But that version got nowhere (Brandon could hardly ogle at hot men with Tara), so I switched him with Jen instead. In yet another version, James did appear in the chapter, not Brandon. But that didn't work out either -- because I wanted Brandon to appear in the chapter, and I just couldn't fit him in that scenario. So I scrapped that one too. In the next version, James never did all those mean things he did to Tara (they'd never even met). Instead, he's a well-known model who's interested in meeting her. But that didn't work out either -- firstly because I didn't want him to appear one-dimensional and secondly because Tara's already got too much drama with Brandon and if you add a gorgeous model to the mix, it'd be too much mayhem for me. Sigh, now I see the practicality of having a story all planned out before actually writing it XD

Expect an update by next weekend(ish).


I think I'm better at writing oneshots. Like, I know what's going to happen in my multi-chapters, but they just won't write themselves out of my brain and in my computer. It's very very frustrating because the things I write sound so very very cliche that I wouldn't want anyone to read them. And so, I will update with another chapter for The Perfect Guy and One Summer, but don't wait for new chapters any time too soon. And expect the update for The Perfect Guy sooner, 'cause I'm more invested in that one XD But thanks everyone who'd signed up for the story updates, even if you didn't review :D

In other news, I have a new plot bunny in my head (yes, another one)! I wish I could make this one into a oneshot, but if I do that, it'd be way way too long. And I haven't even started working on it because school is apparently only for overachievers now.

Dear Readers;

Thanks so much for the reviews. And the personal messages!

Sorry that I don't reply to reviews to my oneshots. Do pm me if you'd like to actually talk to me or something XD I'm always happy to make more friends.

Just adding any of my stories to your favourites, or signing up for updates makes me as happy as a buzzing bee (: But once in a while, it'll be nice if you could drop a line. Long reviews make me seriously happy!

love, unfortunately freckled.

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