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I'm 20 years old, lazy, and an amateur writing. I've only started writing frequently about a few months ago. So far it's been alright and I'm getting better with each new story I post.

Almost all my stories will be featuring my OCs Azrael and Seth (a yaoi couple). Unless otherwise noted, each story is completely independent of the others. If it helps, think of it as me writing fanfics for my own OCs. Anything can happen. Anything can change.

I also plan to write a few stories with my other OCs Jag and Siek. Same thing applies: each story is independent; anything can happen, anything can change.

My other sites:

DeviantART: seximonki

Y-Gallery: seximonki1992

Adultfanfiction: Monki

Original Character Profiles
(note that these are GENERIC and may change depending on the story; starts from oldest and ends at youngest)


Name: Hannibal "Atsushi" Lynch [Atsushi is not a technically a middle name. It's the Japanese name his father calls him.]
Nicknames: Hanny and Atsushi
Ethnicity: Mixed; European, Asian, American. – French, Japanese, American.
Religion: Atheist/Doesn't think about it
Language(s):English, Spanish [a little, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Korean

Gender: Male
Age: usually 44
Birth date: November 12th
Hair: Untidy, black hair.
Eyes: Steel grey
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: Between 6'1" – 6'4"
Weight: 200
Body Type: Well-built from years of hard work and continuous exercise.
Markings: None.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Very laid back with a dry sense of humor, For the most part, he's very calm and collected but he does have a temper. He's pretty much a pushover with his kids but he can also be a scary, intimidating disciplinarian when he needs to be.
Loves/Likes: Coke, eating [food cooked by his wife, chocolate, lazing around on his favorite couch, TV, sleeping, sports, collecting rifles, pistols, and shotguns.
Hates/Dislikes: People who hit on his wife [coughAzraelcough] and root beer.
Fears: Mice, hamsters, gerbils, other rodents, snakes, and anything else he deems "creepy crawly". Fears losing his family [wife, kids, and his brother's family.]
Crippling weakness: His wife Renee and chocolate ice cream. [Especially when it's both at the same time.] He's also mildly paranoid that there's going to be some sort of apocalypse [but he denies it every time some accuses him of it.]


[None at the moment]


Name: Renee Lynch [Maiden name is Consuela]
Nicknames: Ren
Ethnicity: Mixed; Latin and Black American – Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Black American.
Religion: Christian
Language(s):English, Spanish

Gender: Female
Age: usually 40
Birth date: March 3rd
Hair: Long brown hair
Eyes: Brown eyes
Skin Tone: Chocolatey brown
Height: Between 5'9 – 5'11
Weight: 145
Body Type: Long-legged, slim and tall. In relatively good shape from exercise and genetics.
Markings: Ears are pierced.

Sexuality: Heterosexual. [She was a bit bi-curious back in the ole days]
Personality: Chipper and in a bright mood. She loves having fun and hanging out with friends and family. She's a big fan of snuggling but if you piss her off she's not afraid to smack you upside the head.
Loves/Likes: Cooking, baking, snuggling, throwing parties, sweets, thrift shopping, watching Ultimate Fighter [sexy sweaty men beating the shit out of each other]
Hates/Dislikes: People assuming that she married Hannibal for his money. Also, can't stand it when the kitchen is dirty. [It's her sanctuary.]
Fears: Danger to her husband or children.
Crippling weakness: Watery puppy dog eyes. She falls for them every time.

Renee Lynch
[Beware my crappy drawing skillz]


Name: Azrael Vladimir Lynch [He hates his middle name, rarely uses it.]
Nicknames: Az, Azzy, Rael, Z, King [by friends]
Ethnicity: Mixed; Latin, European, Asian, Black American – Japanese, French, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Black American.
Religion: Christian
Language(s):English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Creole [a little, Italian, German [a little]

Gender: Male
Age: usually 23
Birth date: October 30th
Hair: Untidy, black and white [cow] hair.
Eyes: Gold
Skin Tone: Caramel brown
Height: Between 6' – 6'7" [He's a freak of nature.]
Weight: 235 lbs [Never less that 210.]
Body Type: Well-built from years of hard work and continuous exercise.
Markings:Various tattoos and piercings.

Sexuality: Heterosexual... kinda. [Up until Seth he was only attracted to women.]
Personality: Funny, playful, adventurous, and sweet but occasionally cruel and violent. Likes to please the people he loves and cares for; doesn't give a shit about anyone else.
Loves/Likes: Eating, regular and extreme sports, chocolate, being active, fighting, sweet or spicy food, snuggling, baking, reading, winning, collecting knives, swords, and spears.
Hates/Dislikes: His twin sister Deila. Green and vegetables. [With a passion. He only puts with green because Seth likes it.]
Fears: Loneliness and silence, hospitals, and heights.
Crippling weakness: Seth, his mom, or a Crunch bar.
Friends:Five – Siek, Jag, Eri, Leu, Kim

Azrael Lynch
[Azrael is the one on the left.]


Name: Gabriel Roderick Lynch.
Nicknames: Gabe, Gabby [hates this one, Michael [Azrael insists on calling him that]
Ethnicity: Mixed; Latin, European, Asian, Black American – Japanese, French, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Black American.
Religion: raised Christian, chooses Atheism
Language(s):English, Spanish, Creole [a little, Italian

Gender: Male
Age: usually 18
Birth date: July 6th
Hair: Long red hair that reaches small of his back. Messy bangs.
Eyes: Amethyst
Skin Tone: Brown
Height: Between 5'9" – 6' [Never more.]
Weight: 177 lbs [Never less that 165.]
Body Type: Lanky and long limbed but toned by long hours of physical activities.
Markings:Various tattoos and piercings.

Sexuality: Heterosexual though that won't stop him from sleeping with men. [He sees sex as a carnal act. It doesn't mean anything to him.]
Personality: Very funny but has no respect for boundaries. He's blunt and prefers not to hold anything back. Gabriel enjoys partying and getting crazy; he's very irresponsible and seemingly inconsiderate to others.
Loves/Likes: Women, sex, alcohol, drugs, partying, music [both making and listening, dancing, chocolate, Coke
Hates/Dislikes: Violence and committed relationships.
Fears: Losing the people he loves.
Crippling weakness: His family.

Gabriel Lynch


Name: Seth Masaki Reynolds
Nicknames: Other than the stupid names Azrael comes up with, none.
Ethnicity: Mixed; Asian and American – Thai, Korean, Japanese, and American
Religion: Christian/Questioning
Language(s):English, Thai [a little]

Gender: Male
Age: usually 17
Birth date: June 25th
Hair: Dyed green [Naturally black]
Eyes: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: Between 5'4 – 5'10 [Never shorter or taller]
Weight: 120
Body Type: Skinny and weak from too many days indoors and not enough exercise.

Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: Seemingly average and normal, nothing but his 'cuteness' sticks out at first. To new people, Seth may come across as bland or boring but beneath the surface he's got a fiery temper and he doesn't easily back down from a fight. [Even though he can't fight and he'll likely get his ass kicked.]
Loves/Likes: Not doing anything strenuous, air-conditioning, being anywhere but home, the color green, vegetables, salads
Hates/Dislikes: the Sun [It's his mortal nemesis]; being referred to as stupid in anyway
Fears: Never being loved
Crippling weakness: A plate of broccoli or Azrael's 'kicked puppy' expression
Friends:One – Gabriel

Seth Reynolds

[Seth is the one on the right.
Note: He is actually way shorter than in the picture.]


Name: Rae Lynch
Nicknames: Cunt [Azrael's lovely nickname for her.]
Ethnicity: Mixed; Latin, European, Asian, Black American. – Japanese, French, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Black American.
Religion: Christian
Language(s):English, Spanish, French [a little, German [a little]

Gender: Female
Age: usually 16
Birth date: April 28th
Hair: Long blonde hair
Eyes: Blue eyes
Skin Tone: Tanned
Height: Between 5'6" – 5'8" [Never taller]
Weight: 130
Body Type: Athletic and sporty, slight curves
Markings:Various piercings.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Cool and laid back. Though she likes having fun, she doesn't enjoy parties that grow too far out of control. She's an above average student and is very focused on her extracurricular activities [sports and clubs].
Loves/Likes: Sports, gymnastics, training, clubbing, little kids, spicy food
Hates/Dislikes: Sexist men or women. People doubting her ability to complete a task.
Fears: Failure; she doesn't want to be a disappointment to her family.
Crippling weakness: Little kids. [Like, six and under.]
Friends:A handful.

[None at the moment.]


Name: Matthew Ashton Lynch
: Matty, Matt, Mal
Ethnicity: Mixed; European, Asian, American. – French, Japanese, American.
Language(s): English, French [a little]

Gender: Male or Transsexual female [depending on the story]
usually 17
Hair: Long burnet hair
Eyes: Blue eyes
Skin Tone: Pale European
Body Type: Slender

Sexuality: Homosexual [or heterosexual when he's a trans]
Personality:Bubbly and vivacious. He can be either a sweet angle or a mischievous devil
Loves/Likes: Sewing, art, music, fashion, sleep, coffee, sweet food
Hates/Dislikes: Cooking, being woken up, alcohol, greasy food, people who look like slobs, old guys hitting on him

[None at the moment.]

This character belongs to okaminoriley on deviantART. He is not my character but occasionally he is featured as a member of the Lynch family [where he plays the son of Hannibal's previous mistress].

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