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Yes, it's that guy from fanfiction. Please stop laughing. I had a temporary imagination deficit disorder. But its fine now.

The fantasy worlds will never be the same again...

Name: A secret

Age: Attending the University of Nottingham

Occupation: Preparing for Operation Siegfried ("S" for "Essay on the Great War".)

Current teenaged/student pretension: Gentleman, out of touch, un fit but a half decent actor and writer. The latter has marks to prove it.

My motto, to quote Will Ferrel from Anchorman, runs thus:

"I write good. I mean real good." (turns and shouts) "Hey everyone! Come here and see how good I write?" It can be seen that, whatever my writing talents, I do certainly study business more than is healthy for anyone.

I would like to just inform everyone that, after a brief and regrettable pause due to exam and Christmas decoration (read: Playing Team Fortress 2 too much) commitments, I have now returned to the writing circle. Thaddeus Cluarch will ride again, as will (hopefully) Pergion, Father Tarquin, Oleg and all the gang. Along with another (!) Rakarskia adventure. Writing progress will be slow due to GCSEs, but keep reading! And good luck with writing!

Now that GCSEs are complete (hooray!) I can write in proper earnest.

Now that I have a 3 week holiday (1st to 20th of August, 2008), I cannot write any more chapters. But fear not, for I will keep going with Rakarskia. Some day, I will finish it, hook or by crook. With luck, and redrafts, it will be published. I have learned a lot since starting here.

Readers: From Novermber 1st to November 30th, there shall be no updates. Whilst this is no great change from normal- I apologise, and partly blame , and partly the mass of A Level work- it does mean that I will be busy writing. It also means that there will be a shiny new story, hopefully with 50,000+ words in it. Wish me luck!

Arbuthnot Lighter has been put on, read, and removed again. This is because it is closer to finishing than Rakarskia, and I heard a rumour somewhere that you couldn't publish what you put here. (Happily, as Rakarskia: The Soldiers is going to undergo significant changes even after the first draft is put up here and pawed over, such actions as these are not going to be required for it. Some time, I will finish it. Comrades Cluarch, Kazmarov, Mayhew, Ulysses, Stewart and the gang have been rattling around in my head too long for them to wither away.)

Now I have completed my NaNoWriMo (The Memoirs of Arbuthnot Lighter Esq.), I will be returning to business. Hooray!

UPDATE: After ages of inactivity, due to being "written out" and generally having too much to do, I have decided to remove Rakarskia. This is so as I can improve certain parts of it, and keep going in peace (and without fear of publishing laws and suchlike, which I have little knowledge of.)

But it will go on, comrades.

UPDATE 18th December

From now on, I have set myself a challenge. I, Awilla the Hun, hereby vow to review everything that I read on this site. I hope very much that this will a) spread the supposed benefits of my literary knowledge, and b) entice people to read Khaos. I have recieved reviews from siblings, which are complimentary. That's all very well, but I would appreciate some more detailed criticism.

UPDATE: Comrades, Rakarskia has returned! A new name, a new dawn, a new light. And, as it's looking for a beta reader, it will hopefully soon be feeling good.

29/05/10: A little request. Today, I've recieved a very long review for the story "Pergion Dawn". It's critical, and I accept its points. It was a story I wrote years ago, and we all make mistakes back then. However, what I do not accept about the review was that it was delivered by someone called "anon ()". This person was, appropriately, anonymous. Now, I prefer to allow reviews with and without a profile on FP. After all, not everyone wants to have a profile on the internet, and I'm willing to accept any criticism. However, I would also prefer that, if in future I recieve a long, critical review(not "anon ()"'s review, by the way, although I'm long past directing any venomous degree of hatred to CP or Meyer-we all earn our money somehow, and both of them cleverly identified market niches), could the reviewer give me some sort of FP account or other contact details? I hope that that doesn't sound too creepy; it's just that there may be points in the review which I disagree with and so want to correct the reviewer about, or want clarified, so as I can improve my writing.

04/07/10: Well, here it is. The exams are over. The parties are dying down. Writing can now begin again!

In addition, some of you may notice a mysterious gentleman known as "Chrisderhunnen" finding his way onto my Favourite Author list. This is because he is my brother. Read his stories if you want to; I am in no way responsible for any loss of brain cells, sanity, or tolerance for the 1930s, especially its motor cars and music, that may result. In addition, his profile, when it refers to Awilla the Hun, is of... dubious accuracy. I don't just insert humour. No, I add violence and pointless worldbuilding too!

Comrades! I won't be making any chapters over the next month (August 2010.) I'll be away from home. Sorry.

September 2010: I'm back, Comrades, and soon to go off to University.

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