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About Me

My name is Paige. I am a sophomore in high school with boring classes. "Tell us something new, Paige," right? Because I think basic information (i.e. age, sex, location, hair/eye color, social security number, etc.) is boring and not good for your health, I shall tell you more interesting facts about myself.

1. I love penguins. I mean, I really love penguins. I love penguins so much that I almost glomped a small girl who was a penguin on Halloween of this year (2007). Notice that I said almost. I didn't want her parents to sue me for child abuse or something. (It wouldn't have been that bad; I would have only nuzzled her.)

2. Many things bewilder me. I dwell on things that shouldn't have so much time spent on them. For example, I am completely amazed that I will be turning sixteen in May. It's weird to have friends who are in college already, weird to have your permit, and weird to think that you only have three more years of high school before college rolls around for you. I'm not afraid of it. I'm just surprised that it snuck up on me so quickly.

3. I hate Drivers Education with the passion of a million burning suns. Am I the only one who hates the videos they show? The videos I speak of are more or less telling you, "You can be the best darn driver there is, and you can still get killed." Also, my teacher uses double negatives. Enough said.

4. I have never been to Disneyland - ever. This is very sad. I love Disney. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is my favorite movie in the best of all possible worlds. (If you don't understand that last bit, look up Candide; it is a musical.) Which brings up something else. Musicals are great. If you like musicals and have a fast internet connection, you should go to and click on their radio icon in the middle of the page. You will hear almost non-stop musicals. It's great. E-mail me and we'll discuss musicals if you're really into them. I don't mind getting messages from others. My e-mail address should be at the beginning of this page where all my other info is.

5. I think the Harry Potter series should be considered a breakthrough in literature. Hopefully, anyone who has read the seventh book will agree with me. (Wasn't that an amazing tie up to the series? If you're obsessed with Harry Potter, I wouldn't mind chatting with you via e-mail, either.)

About My Writing

I am really in love with many of the recent works I've done. I will talk about the poems that I have put on this site for right now, with possible editing in the future.

"The Foe" is a poem that came to me in the middle of the night one day. I had e-mailed one of my friends who is a composition major in college saying that, although my music-writing skills were not good, I had thought about writing lyrics. Well, one thing led to another and he mentions that, if I ever write lyrics to send them to him and he would do the coolest thing in the world: write music for them. That made it a challenge. Anyway, the song has been finished for awhile (it is very cool), and those of my friends who have read this poem like it. I can't wait to hear feedback from Fiction Press.

"Advanced" is something that I wrote in English when I probably should have been paying attention. (That's okay; it was basically unimportant stuff.) I think it might relate to many extremely smart and studious students out there. Rather, people who pick up on things quickly.

"Evening" was going to be about something much different with many more stanzas. Though you can't see it in the format of this website, there are two stanzas. The second stanza starts with the bit about the violin and music and whatnot. I stopped after the second stanza because I realized that it gave a very good feeling of evening. Thus the title.

I am currently working on anything that pops into my head, as it is with many writers. I hope to continue tweaking the prologue to a certain story. Perhaps it will show up here?

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