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About Me

I like fantasy, romance, and men—all of which you can probably tell solely from my list of Favorite Stories. I'm a sucker for character depth and complexity. Once I get addicted to a story, my reading goes into hyperspeed, so I tend to read long stories that are already completed and finish them in one or two sittings.

"Impossible" romances are a fascination of mine—both in stories I read and stories I write.

Reading and writing are very liberating experiences for me. I find I can read and write about things I may never experience or condone in person. Maybe that sounds like a conflict of interest to you. To me, it's a learning experience.

I am very visual and attentive to detail, and have been told expressing this in writing about my travels and experiences makes people feel like they are actually there with me.

Be forewarned: I am a perfectionist, so I never quite consider my work "done."

This site is my main haunt, but you can also look me up on or on FF.Net. Though I have enjoyed reading fanfiction in the past, it is unlikely I will write any; I have too many original characters running around in my head.

Once upon a time, I had several authors on my Favorites list. Now I have three. Why? Because plagiarizers drove the others away. I'm still grieving this. It's frustrating to see my favorites leave, but I can't blame them; I'm sure I would do the same in their position.

I used to have like a million stories on my favorites list. 6 years later, I discovered that most of them were incomplete stories on indefinite hiatus, and I had so many on my list that I couldn't find the stories that I really liked. Of those that I really liked, most were removed from this site because of plagiarizers, and some had been removed because they got published. (Congrats btw to those self-published authors!) So I cleaned up my favorites list, and now it looks scrappy and stuck-up. (Lol.)

I am what is called a niche reader. In the last couple years, I've had a hard time finding stories that I really like, whether published or on FictionPress. It has pushed me to concentrate more on writing my own stories, and on finishing and perfecting them, no matter how long that takes.

The Idea Behind The BeastKing Chronicles

I wanted to read an angsty fantasy story with graphic romance as both the problem and the solution.
I wanted to see two strong main characters fight against themselves, each other, and the world to become one.
I wanted to see the woman use her "lower" position in society to become valuable.
I wanted to see the strong man have an identity crisis.
I wanted to see a beautiful beast who remained beastly.
I wanted to see up become down and down become sideways.
I wanted to take the "known" and turn it into Wonderland.

If I saw one more superwoman or girly-girl or sissy-boy, I thought I would scream...or puke.
If I read one more "let's get pregnant and have a family," I was going to throw something.
I don't want to read about a kid; I want to read about the love bunnies. Everybody else can go take a hike.

And why do I have to wait until next chapter for a P.O.V. change?! What if I want to know what they think now, when it's most important and fresh in my mind?

And so Beauty and the Beast was born.
A series, but really all one story.
A story whose romance doesn't end in a family and a happily-ever-after in a single volume to trade for another minor-character couple.
A story that could continue on and on for an eternity, because it follows an immortal.
A story that's full of trials, just like life—but with an extraordinary twist you could never actually experience.
A story full of characters who would be phenomenal or terrible to meet in person—the kind that could make you lust or scream, murder or sex up.

Don't you want to read that kind of story?

What kind of story do you want to read? And why aren't you writing it?

(formerly known as To Belong to a Beast or Beauty and the Beast)

New rewrite pending.

This is going to make some of you want to scream, but...This is going to be a BIG revision. Like, massive. As in, I'm going to move stuff around and make the Fantasy plot more prevalent. Because, as I'm sure you've noticed, there is virtually no Fantasy plot at this point; it's all Drama and Romance. Which is fine...for a Drama/Romance. But unless I want my story to be categorized as IDK (oftentimes known as Literary Fiction in writing circles), I gotta kick my story in the butt with the Fantasy elements I've been holding off on. The good news is, the beginning won't be so slow. The news that may frustrate you is that I'm going to change around the order of events, back up Pandora's timetable (so it can be a gradual build), and make sure you know that you are in fact reading a Fantasy-Romance (not just a Romance with medieval and supernatural curve balls).

I am currently undecided about when this revision will take place. But the current volume 2 should be completed before then.

Because it will be so different, this rewrite may actually be posted as a new story, to set it apart from the old and draw in a new audience.

VOLUME II: Ignoble - new - Current W.I.P.
(The old volume 2, Ignoble, has been successfully grafted into volume 1, along with additional content.)

new Ch1: "Farther Than I Thought" posted. (5/10/14)
new Ch2: "Her Survival" posted. (5/26/14)
new Ch3: "Not Ideal Man" posted. (6/4/14)
new Ch4: "The Arrangement" posted. (6/13/14)
new Ch5: "Can't Touch This" posted. (7/10/14)
revised Ch5: "Touchy Relationship" posted. (8/20/14)

new Ch6: "Just a Touch of Affection" posted. (9/2/14)
revised Ch6 posted. (9/3/14)
new Ch7: "Livery Up!" posted. (10/2/14)
new Ch8: "Rivalry & Provocation" posted. (10/15/14)

revised Ch8 posted. (11/4/14)
new Ch9: "Against Better Judgment" posted. (12/2/14)
new Ch10: "The Agony of Beds" posted as "I See You." (12/29/14)
Ch11: "Training for Trouble" posted. (1/21/15)
Ch12: "Showcase" posted. (3/3/15)
Ch13: "Two Can Play" posted. (3/15/15)
Ch14: "Touch Me If You Dare" posted. (4/2/15)
Ch15: "The Scars That Bind Us" posted. (7/7/15)
Ch16: "Catch Me If You Can" posted. (8/22/15)
Ch17: "On the Kill Side of Love" posted.
Ch18: "My Fight" posted. (2/27/16)
Ch19: "Frienemies" posted. (4/10/16)

CHAPTER 20: "PRODIGAL" IS NOW POSTED! (7/24/16) Rome is dead-determined to break into the temple, but it may very well kill him...and suddenly everyone else wants to have a say in what he does! Meanwhile, Bre has to choose whether to tell the truth and save herself, or keep silent to save Rome. But can she hold to her decision under pressure? And what if the decision is taken out of her hands? (Brutality warning)

NEW: Follow me on Twitter [SeriahBlackShp] for story tidbits and progress updates!

Check my blog [] for lengthier news on updates, sneak previews, and lengthier responses to some reviews. There is also an up-to-date glossary for the series posted there.

If you have any suggestions or questions about my story, you're welcome to leave a review, message me, or post a comment on my website! I would love to hear from you. :)

Both volumes of the old version of my story are available to read on, under the pen name Seriah Black. That is the ONLY other site you should see it on. So, if you see it anywhere else, TELL ME!!! This is a serious endeavor. Thanks!

Friend me on GoodReads [] to read my book reviews, and to see which books have influenced my writing! Currently Paused in Reading: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews.

Follow me on Pinterest [] for visual aids pertaining to my story, and sneak peeks into my brainstorming of future story ideas!

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