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Kaeari's stats

Egg laid: November ??
Hatched on: April 1, 1992
Last level up: August 22, 2009
Last evolution: Does not evolve
"A red-brown egg with two green spots that resemble eyes. There are small dots speckling the front of it. It feels like sandpaper..."

Name: Kaeari
Owner: Kirinu the Alter-Ego
Location: Canada
Type: Kirin
Nature: Lonely (Likes spicy food)
Level: 17
Maturity: 800,666 / 1,000,000
Happiness: 12/200
Bred by: Kirinu the Alter-Ego

Awkward Pokémon
Type: Fire, Electric
Egg group: Ground, Fairy
Gender: Male: 50 / Female: 50
Colour: Brown
Height: 1' 3"
"Kaearis are known for their wide-ranged personality, yo-yoing from brave to cowardly easily. They enjoy being held and cuddled by men, but women scare them easily. The translucent wings on their backs are uncommonly used, but allow Kaeari to fly for a few seconds."

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The link to the pictures of the setting in IMD and (unnamed) is here: http:///albums/i225/Itachis_Kasumi/fictionpress/

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