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name: my penname is the only name i will use.

location: USA

I post here and on Fanfiction.net..so look for me there. I love to read and write stories, weather there short or long., i don't care, as long as they're interseting and long. I love music...lotsa different types.

I get freakeshly obssesed with book i've read, movies i've seen, or both! at the moment, i am in love with Phantom of the Opera, Twilight (i have read the whole series, including Breaking Dawn) and Harry Potter.

i am out of my mind. confession of the problem is the first step of recovery! but i dont want to recover!! shut up! i DO! no you don't... Oh be quiet. ignore the wierd coments from my subconscience. he dosn't know what he's saying. but anyways, thats enough about me. if you find any grammer mistakes, please let me know so i can get on my editors case. lol...


some of you might know her. READ HER STORIES!! SHE NEEDS PUBLISITY!! she is an excelent writer, my best friend, and a wonderful editor. she deserves to be recognised.


oh, one last comment. i tend to get bored with my stories. if i get bored or stop thinking they are good,and don't update, please e-mail me and re-encourage me. i will get back to writing that story with enough e-mails. ok, thats long enough.

Don't be afraid to E-mail me!

if u don't like my story, give tips for a better one, don't critizise me please!!

Visit me at fanfiction.net to!!


i was origonally known as krissymoon on there also, but i changed it. :)

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