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Want to see 'Girls Only' chapters before I post them here? All chapters are posted on my website, on average 2 weeks prior to their arrival on fiction press. Yes. I write fanfic infrequently, but it does happen. Predominately anime and some video games (Gundam Wing, Kingdom Hearts, to name a few). My username there is gunaoverthemoon.

DeviantArt? Yes. You can find some poetry and my mediocre art at http://

Websites? Yes. Check out .

My Genres of Choice:

Science Fiction


I don't write much that falls beyond these two categories but it does happen. 'Girls Only' is a typical teen drama, for example.

Looking for long-term betas? God Yes! MESSAGE ME if you're interested in beta-reading my work. That said I'm not much of a beta myself--I get into too many projects at once so I can't beta anything too long, but I'd be glad to beta for short stories (in my genres of choice-see above). I don't consider myself a particularly harsh critic and always try to find the good points in a story as well as the bad, but that doesn't mean I'm going to pat you on your head and send you on your way either. If i think it's bland or been done to death already, I'll say so.

Current Projects

Land of Stars:

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: 100k words and still going

Chapters: actually, I'm not sure. When I find out, I'll update this.

Complete: No, about 80 drafted.

Will it ever grace Fiction Press?: Probably Not.

Plot Synopsis:

The year is 4027. Mankind lives in space colonies known as 'Stars'. Earth, like Atlantis, has long since become the stuff of legends. No one knows if it ever really existed and very few care. Technology has advanced so far that there is a 'Virtual World' that exists alongside the real world, and in this virtual world, green eyed demons have taken the place of computer viruses of old--their origins have yet to be determined. It is the job of ARLIS corporation to keep the V-Web safe. The Colony Wars have been over for two years now and the world has enjoyed peace for that time. But peace is a transient thing, easily disrupted by the assassination of the pacifist Prime Minister of Star 7. This is where our story begins.

Girls Only:

Genre: Teen Drama

Length: Expected to be about 70k words.

Complete: No. First chapter will probably be seen in Late June/Early July.

Will it ever grace Fiction Press?: Probably. I'm expecting to use fiction press as a bounce from my main website so that I don't have to do HTML every time I ad a new chapter. I hate html. It's tedious and boring.

Plot Synopsis:

As a child Cassidy loved soccer and her family. Life was simple. But when a tragic accident steals something she holds dear, she finds it almost impossible to cope.

A perpetual nobody, mediocre at everything, and lost in the shadow of a brilliant older brother, Alex has spent his entire young life trying to find something he's good at. Now that he has its being jeopardized by school politics; the only way to overcome the obstacle is to dress in drag and infiltrate a Catholic Girls' School!

The dean's son, Jesse is used to getting what he wants, but soon he finds the natural order threatened by a complete nobody! Jesse would do just about anything to see the natural order restored, and anything just might involve shaving his legs!

When the school newspaper enlists Cassidy to investigate a very strange rumor, the boys find they may just be fighting a losing battle! What's a girl to do?

Girls Only reviews
When Jess and Alex have to infiltrate a Catholic Girls' School in order to win a position on their school's soccer team, nothing is sacred. Add knee socks, make-up, and an antisocial reporter and the only thing the boys can be certain of is that it's war.
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