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Let me bring you into my world

Let me hold your hand in mine, to guide you

Let me share your load, carry your burden

Be the air that you breathe

Be the water that relieves

I shall make a crown of leaves for you

A token of my own creation

Let me be the light that you follow

The glimmer of hope in your sorrow

Let me show you all things false, and

Be your warden of truth

But warn you, I shall, of the joys I bring

Lest they be your bane

For then the guided will find himself

On the path that leads astray

-By FalseReflections

Hi, FalseReflections here. I've been writing as a pastime for quite awhile now actually, ever since I learnt how to...well...write. Anyway, I'm established across different websites mainly Fanfiction.Net, here and, to a lesser extent, on Helium.Com. I've entered writing competitions, mostly essay writing and short stories, at national and international levels...did better in the former rather than the latter. My English is not perfect, seeing as how I speak a form of colloquial English non-Singaporeans would be hard-pressed to understand. And my typing skills are dismal...at best. Plus the fact that I studied British English but my computer insists on spell-checking using American English, causing much unneeded confusion on my poor mind=(

I've studied poetry and classic english literature for the past two years and though it is wildly fascinating, it doesn't relate to me as much as modern fiction does. My favourite poets include Robert Browning, Margaret Atwood and, to a much lesser extent, Sylvia Plath.

Arthurian legend fascinates me.

I love the fantasy, mythology and historical genres and express regret that most stories that remain on this site, while vast in potential, are quite limited in number and variety. I think the good ones keep getting removed for publishing. Most beloved writer for me include Rowling, Tolkien and the incomparable Robert Jordan (RIP to the latter two).

OH OH OH. And...I LOVE SLASH. A lot. Well-written ones please. If the guys keep getting mushy, however, I'll stay away. Eugh... And if the story begins with "I'm gay and am ok with it..." then i'll stay away too. I mean, whr's the fun without the tiny bit of denial and angst and self-hate? I wanna go awww... stupid guy doesn't know he's in love with his bestie of the same sex...awwww...said bestie is in love with said stupid guy but doesn't want to...err... you catch my drift.


Watch out for me in poetry section, as that will be the only section I would be able to contribute to, considering my now hectic life.

Any long, multi-chaptered fic will likely be in those genres that I favour, stated above. I've already thought of some characters and titles but have yet to plan out the plot and story (you know how it is. A fully formed character just waltzes into your imagination, waiting to carry out your bidding.)


If you're here because I left a review, do take into consideration that whatever my comments, they were meant for you to improve. If you think I'm right, thank me =D But if you think i'm spouting nonsense then that's your loss. I may not be a prolific writer but I've read quite a few books/poems/songs/short stories to tell the good from the bad(that's not to say my writing is effing fantastic) In fact, I know for a fact that what I've posted suck compared to some of you brightsparks.

But if you're not happy with my review, just ignore it or delete it or whatever. If i reviewed you and you're going to slam my review even if I had extended every courtesy... then you should stop wondering why you get so little in the first place. People do not review to get their reviews reviewed. Like seriously.

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