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Poll: Should I rewrite Kissing Booth Princess and add more chapters to make it a more fully-fledged novel type story? Warning- it will DEFINITELY not be safe for work. Sexy time scenes and such ;) Vote Now!
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Update 14th Apr, 2016

So, I'm having some thoughts I want to share, namely about Kissing Booth Princess. I've been thinking about doing a rewrite and adding more chapters to make it a more full-fledged novel type story. I actually have the plot outline and everything. My issues are A) Does anyone care to read it B) It's going to be mature. Like, sexy times scenes and the like. C) Should I bother, because since I came back from my hiatus, it seems like people aren't reading and reviewing like they used to?

Maybe ya'll are mad at me for not updating for so long, or maybe my fan base has grown up and moved on to bigger and better things. I ain't mad, it's just that your reviews are what gives me the incentive to write, and without them, I just feel like barely anybody is reading and I'm wasting my time with updates. Shouts out to the awesome people who are still reading and reviewing, though, you have no idea what that means to me, having you stick by me like this.

So, in order to get some feedback, I've put a poll on my profile page which ya'll can take. I'm going to be updating it here and on Wattpad if there is any interest, and if there isn't any interest, I'm still doing a rewrite/ edit, just because!

Thanks for reading!


I've finally put my fears behind me and self-published The Pull of Destiny on Amazon (kindle format)!!! Link to my amazon profile page is here. Link to The Pull of Destiny on is here for a reviewer who said s/he couldn't find it. Hope that helps!

Support me if you'd like, I'd really appreciate a kindly review from you guys who read it and enjoyed it. I dedicated the book to my marvelous fp readers for your unwavering support.

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I Am...

A writer. Of sorts.

I'm Black and as a result, most, if not all of my stories have a Black main character because we need more stories with ethnic diversity in them, right? But I'm color blind. My characters are colorblind.

I Enjoy...

Trawling the internet and looking for pictures of people who look like they could be 'my characters'. Seriously. I'm just obsessed like that. I have no life.

Nobody Knows...

That I write. Because I am very self-conscious about my writing and I will only share it with you guys. My family has no idea and I intend to keep it that way.

I Write...

For fun. Even thinking about getting published (even under an pseudonym) scares the crap out of me. Anyway, I know my creative limits. I'm nowhere as good at writing as most of the people on this site. Just getting reviews keeps me happy. I aim to please you!

To all you plagiarizers:

Passing off someone else's story as your own shouldn't give you a sense of accomplishment. Instead of being LAZY, SELFISH and IMMATURE, try writing something original for once dammit.And read the damn disclaimer on my stories. If you read it and ignore it, I have the RIGHT to take legal action against you. So there.

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