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hello & welcome to my profile ! =

I'm Ashley. I'm seventeen . i love writing & reading . I'm not so good at explaining myself =/

Brainless Comments~ 06/05: It's summer once again and i guess this is when the writing juices begin to pump. So, yes i will be updating Cursed and hopefully my writing has gotten better since i haven't written anything in maybe a year =\ . I will also be posting another story that I've been writing and brain storming with.

Comment & thoughts will make my world + writing so much better . thank you very much

The Blurb

Cursed: 'The blood wasn't so far from my feet but it felt like it was crawling under my skin. As i watched my parents laying there, not moving, the only thing moving is the blood rushing out of their bodies.'

Schuyler always thought that she'll have a normal life if she pretends that she didn't have these dreams of people deaths. When a murderer is on the loose and she's the only one who sees whats is there for to do? With her parents lives on the line, A different group of Seers on her tail and her best friend showing the same signs of having the dreams. But last but not least there's a hot guy who not only have the powers of a Seer but have a bond to her! Being 'Cursed' is becoming more than she can handle!

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Sweet roses & your love .
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