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Hey, everyone!

About me:

Name: Fa-- hehe!

Family: I have one! Hallelujah! (heavenly music playing)

Age: 21st Century

Eyes: sorry, undercover.

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, sewing...yeah right...

Friends: ShadesofNyx, TheSkyIsGreen

Ideas shamelessly borrowed from TheSkyIsGreen, one of my dear friends. Love ya like...a...erm...do I love you at all? Come to think of it, I do love your ideas...hehe...

Now, about who else? ME! No, President Bush... :

I'm new to FictionPress, but I have used FanFiction...I was bored, so...a new account was born!

Some things you should know about me:

1. I love writing...though I'm not entirely good at it...yet.

2. I'm incredibly random!

3. I love kabobs!

4. I hate Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga...but PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME OR MY STORIES BY THAT STATEMENT!

5. I hate Bella from Twilight...cranky little, boy (...erm...vampire?) crazy, damsel in distress!

6. Can't live without chocolate.

7. William the Conquerer and Samuel Adams are SO awesome!

8. I LOVE the French language.


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--_A Preview of Upcoming Stories_--

Tenuous strands of golden hair framed her slender face. Her white skin was as soft as the best of silk, and her heart was untainted. She wore only an unpretentious, pale dress, an act of modesty and simplicity. Covering her face was delicate gossamer, which was given from her affectionate father, in the form of a veil. She was diminutive in stature, and when she looked in your eyes, you would be speechless, just staring into her beautiful face, which acted as black hole; drawing you in closer and closer. This was how Lady Evelyn was, and this is her story…

Abigail stared at her infant daughter’s face, trying to see what it was that she had brought into this world. At first, a porcelain-doll face and an innocent expression would strike her, but as she examined closely, she could see decieving eyes and a cold heart. It was like a battle within her...part of her was extremely proud of this triumph, while another was deeply afraid of what had been done...

Jane looked at Archie from the corner of her eye. Did he know she was watching him? She was studying him: his every move, his every action, and his blinking eyes. She knew she couldn’t do this to him, but she was afraid…she had to choose It over everything else…How else could she stay alive? In her world, nobody knew when It was coming. It would quietly appear…at first just a chain that would be too light too even feel, then suddenly would become a chain too strong to be broken.

“I’m never going to fall in love…ever! It’s a complete joke…to give up everything just to be with a man? I’m concentrating on my career right now. I don’t have time for anything else,” answered Emily, the 27-year-old hot new star of The Lounge, a hit new show on the CW.

What happens when Emily gets a little more than she asks for? A story about sacrifice, the natural tenderness of the human heart, and a woman's role in the world today...