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this is my own version of Star Wars
Look, I'm sorry to all of you who I e-mailed and annoyed. I won't do it again, I promise. Can I just say something in here?


Also, review ANY story that you read by ANYONE.

At any rate, I'm a 18 year old girl from the USA (Ohio), who just graduated from high school. I'll be attending Mount Union College in the fall.

Please read my stories. They're not the greatest, but I just wrote them for fun. I originally wrote them for a couple of my friends who had never seen Star Wars...and they had no knowledge of it.

My stories as all AU...kind of a mixture of Star Wars, The Prydain Chronicles, and Spellbinder, but mostly Star Wars. I just borrowed ideas and names from the other two places.

My stories have nothing to do with the Star Wars book series at all, so I just need to warn you about that.

I try to explain everything you need to know in the stories, so even if you've never seen Star Wars, you SHOULD be able to understand my stories.

Another thing, be careful when you read my stories, pay very close attention. I word things in certain ways for reasons...and characters in my stories have been known to lie to each other...big time. You must think when reading my stories (just as when you watch Star Wars).

My stories are Star Wars, but my own way.

Okay, enough about Star Wars...let me tell you some more things about me.

Favorite movies:
1. My favorite movie is Star Wars (all of them tied...you can't have the whole story without all the movies)
2. Ever After
3. Emma
4. Man in the Iron Mask (it's because of the story, not the actor)
5. Muppet Christmas Carol (don't laugh...it's a good movie)
6. Clue

Favorite authors (I'm not talking about fanfiction.net authors)
Jane Austin, Lloyd Alexander, and George Lucas
(serriously George Lucas wrote A New Hope...and it's an excellent book. Few people give him credit for the book he wrote)

Things that I like to do:
I like to meet new people, go places (I went to France 2 summers ago), watch good movies, listen to good music, read, work on my web page, and learn new things. (I also enjoy writing these stories for my friends...but now I post them on here for anyone that would like to read them). I also like to play games that make me think...I guess I like thinking...and solving problems too.

I am also a Christian...and there are several references to it in my stories. I went to this huge youth conference called Niagra 2000...it was awesome!

what else is there to say?

If anyone would like to e-mail me for any reason, please feel free to!!! (even if you do not know me...because how is a person supposed to make any friends if they never meet people they don't know. No one knows anyone before they meet them).

Again, welcome to my stories. Please enjoy. Even if you hate them, tell me...and tell me why...just don't say, "This story is dumb"...and don't say, "This story is good"...give me reasons...please.

My stories are different...keep that in mind

Just stay with me when reading the story...even if you are confused. Everything will be explained.

All right, I think I said everything I wanted to say. Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!

-Leia Skywalker