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01/16/11- Currently doing editing for final release of Katajion's Dream. Also, I've started to do reviews again on various pieces I stumble across.

07/06/10- After a decade and a half, I have managed to get my hands on several older stories that were never finished, Canon Lore and Katajion's Dream in particular. I am already reviewing, editing, and preparing them for rerelease as we speak. Feels kinda weird working with them, kinda like doin' the time warp. Oh, and the visual novel of Luka is out. The sequel will be coming soon.

05/30/10- Looks like Luck and Chance ISN'T getting pulled from Fictionpress. In fact, I've decided that I am going to start releasing on a monday release schedule. Well, except for this monday as I am on holiday right now. However, expect to see LaC updated every monday from now on... should you care to read it. Maybe I'll even think about going back to Rebellion.

03/01/10- Huh. Put Luka up in manga section and suddenly people are looking at my work. Maybe I should do the manga of it.

12/21/09- Looks like Luck and Chance did get pulled from Fictionpress. Several chapters past the point have been completed but are not going to be published. Like I said before, low reader numbers combined with Katajion's Dream getting ready for another round at publishing have caused a temporary standstill. HOWEVER, I am thinking about releasing one more chapter, just to see if there are any potential readers still out there. If it does come out, it will be during the last week of the year. Maybe as a tribute to the original release of KD.

09/22/09- Who would have thought that it would take me nearly a year before I did a profile update? Never did finish updating KD. I'll finish doing that... someday. Luck and Chance is currently being worked on, although I'm not sure how much will be uploaded. Originally it started as a FictionPress exclusive, but due to low reader numbers, it might get pulled.

10/21/08- Permanent Knit is a story that's been in the works for a while. It follows the story of Sora and Komi long before KD. It's the second book in Foxes of Luck. Hopefully, I'll someday finish the first one. :p

10/04/08- Should Rebellion be continued? I keep saying that I'll finish it, but it keeps running into snags. Like the entire thing got deleted off my computer. ;_; I think I'll write another chapter tonight and see if I want to continue after that. Remember: Reviews help swing what I'll work on next. Edit: Errrrrr... Is it a bad sign when I need to reread my story to remember it?

09/29/08- In the last season of Ko-mi-oh... Hey, folks. Glad to be back. As you might have noticed, I'm releasing Katajion's Dream again. Funny thing is, it is rather different than the last time it was here. I removed over 20,000 words and polished up a lot of the story. I hope it is more enjoyable this time around.

03/03/08- I wrote for the first time in months. Felt great. I think I'm going to release the super secret chapter soon. It is the manual to every little trick and secret behind the story and has links to the concept art.

03/27/08- Backed up so far, things are falling apart. But I managed to write out a poem from Name Takase. It was a fun little piece.

04/11/08- Jaw drop Woah! When I posted Stupid Reviewers! on Gaia, it completely fell off of the radar. Seriously, I don't think anybody read it. Here, it actually had views and a fav. WTF? I'm not complaining, I'm just shocked. A little bit of info, it was actually based on what I wanted to do after a really negative review. I was ashamed of myself and wrote that instead.

The battle of Clouds by Michael Islehill reviews
The ninth royal fleet has to take the planet Clouds. The only problem is that they are most aging, least trained and most expendable one in the empire, and they only have two weeks before reinforcements arrive.
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For the man she loved and the nation she swore to defend...
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As a physics student, I wasn't sure how useful I would be to them. I just wanted to be a hero alongside them and free America. I never asked for everything else that came along with being a rebel.
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The running journal of a field researcher who works freelance with the rest of his team. Paired with the hyperactive Namaki and mysterious Jenica, Takao learns more than what he's hired for on his first mission.
Fiction: Mystery - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Mystery - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4,500 - Updated: 5/4/2008 - Published: 11/5/2007
Morterous Theorem
It should have been simple. Prevent the containment of a Morterous world, a mathematical phenomena. However, nothing is ever simple or easy when the Katajion Directorship get their hands on it. Sequel to Katajion's Dream.
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A humorous tale of why I stopped reviewing stories on other sites. Sadly, based on real life.
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Tactician's Ballet
To the one who taught me of my flaws, I leave you my pieces of the game and this.
Poetry: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 163 - Published: 3/26/2008 - Complete
Spirit of Sin
When the Beast of God rises again to purge humanity, few can escape its wrath. It is up to a few magi and civilians to salvage their lives when the beast destroys everything they have ever known.
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