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Author has written 6 stories for Romance, Humor, General, and Horror.

I like experimenting in all forms of genre, usually depending on my mood. My two favorites are horror and comedy, as it might be reflected in my submitted work. I also take a lot of what happens to me in real life and apply it to my stories, so some might be concidered semi-autobiographical (thinks of Black Adder, laughs).

Quotes By Me (unless stated otherwise)

“Would you rather suffer scarlet fever for a week… or have disco fever for a month?”
“I guess it would depend whether I would survive the scarlet fever.”
“Oh no, my friend, the real question is: Would you survive the disco fever?”

“Man, I wish you were going to Joshua this year!”
“I know! Then I can be the not-so-awkward third wheel for you and ‘Sometimes T’.”
“For real!”
“I can see it now… ‘You two have your fun, I’ll be reading Dante!’”
“You would too.”

"Well guess what? My dad has one hundred guns and he will shoot you."
"Well my dad's a brain surgeon."
"Oh yeah? Well my dad gave birth to a brain surgeon... wait. Oh God."

-An argument between two friends during a rehearsal for a production I'm in, I love them so

"Did playdoh just get rule 34'd? At a CHRISTIAN CAMP?!"

"What if I told you I was dating you for the experience points?"

"Why!? Why would you punch me in the kidney, you sadist!?"

"And behold, irony rears its ugly little head into the picture. Don't you kids just love foreshadowing?"

"Would I ever lie to you? Especially when it comes to guinea pigs?"

"So what if you reached for the same hot pan three times in a row? No one said you had to be smart to cook."

"Why am I stabbing this salad, you ask? Well for one, I don't take any shit from vegetables."

"And then everyone fell in love with their respective significant other. Then they skipped into the sunset as they held hands, all while singing in four-part harmony."

"Something went wrong, didn't? ... I knew it! If you're an ex-whatever when it comes to law enforcement, something went wrong! It could have been an undercover mission... it could have been the filing as long as it went horribly, horribly wrong!"

"I was listening to music and dancing while I made cookie dough. There was a song with a cowbell part and I started hitting the pot with a wooden spoon while jumping around in circles. I think that it was the best fourty five minutes of my life."

"Guess what happened!"
"You got a boyfriend!"
"Even BETTER!"
"You got LAID!?"
". . . this is why I never tell you anything."

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In those few moments, I felt as though I'd seen the boy age.
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Sweep Me off My Feet reviews
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