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I am ashamed at just how old this thing was. So here I go updating.

Name: Anything that starts with a K at this point I will answer to, but most commonly: Kaelyn, Kotori, Kenny or (gasp) my real name, Kendall
24...God I'm getting old.
Place of Residence: Southern California. Wanting to move back east again. Like, seriously.
Gender: Female
Eye color: gray with dark blue rings around the outside. No, seriously. They're awesome.
Hair color: Changes constantly. Currently my natural color, a kind of honey-brown. Shoulder length.
Height: 5'3" (read: shorty)
Occupation: Writer, artist. Weight-loss consultant at a certain high profile company that uses little known celebs to market their products (psst - they actually taste good too! Amazing)
Current obsession: Right now? The band No More Kings. Any band that has a shout out to zombies in one of their songs is good by me. Check them out, you won't regret it.
Interests: This is boring. So I'm not going to bother.

Currently working on: My NaNo story, The Misadventures of a Necromancer. Also, Shadows of Life (SoL or, as I refer to it: Shit outta Luck) though this has majorly been put on the back burner, random poems, etc...that is, if I'm currently writing anything at all.

Update 02/26/09: For anyone who cares - Yes, I do plan on updating Misadventures...the reason I haven't yet is because I want to edit it a little first; there are a lot of things in the first few stories that clash horribly with things in the later stories. I also want to actually finish the thing so that I won't stop updating it halfway through and leave you guys hanging. Don't worry, I'm actually pretty close to being done. Just one and a half stories left, fully planned out, and an epilogue (There's also a sequel in the works, thanks to a certain room-mate and her plot bunnies _;) So for anyone who's read this story, hang in there. It will be updated soon, with the revised first story and then the subsequent ones.

Bits and pieces (stuff from my mind and others):

I’m rubber and you’re glue, so your flames shall bounce off me and smell like shit when they stick to you. -yours truly

“That’s not funny.”
“It’d get funnier if we kept on doing it.” – 10th Kingdom

Well, death is inevitable anyway, so dying for the right cause is…
Just as final
Stupid gryphon.
-The Black Gryphon, Mercedes Lackey

Father: It's a girl! Wait, it's a girl!? Damn it! I just ordered 200 'it's a boy' cigars. I demand a refund.
Mother: On the cigars or the baby? (mine. No steal)

Jim started counting off on fingers. “Okay, so there’s gay, straight, bi, tri--”
“Tri?” Aaron asked skeptically, “What, you do men, women, and sheep?”
A goofy grin. “Maybe. Those people are willing to try anything, hence the name. Now don’t interrupt.” Jim continued counting off. “And there’s the metrosexual, the heteroflexible, the homoflexible, and of course, that ever present mystery, the asexual. They’re freaks. Or crazy. Maybe both.”
Aaron goggled. “Er. And which category are you?” he asked tentatively.
The man tapped one finger against his lips, rolling his eyes heavenward thoughtfully. “Oh, I’d say homoflexible, really. Predominantly gay, but some women are just too hot to say no to, ya know?”
The boy was looking faintly ill. “Not really. I think I’m in the last category.”
“Inherently, apparently.”
-mine(this conversation may appear one day in a story, but for now the characters have been assigned random names)

Yeah, that's it for now. Go read my stories. They are much more interesting. Or go to my fictionpress profile for original stories. Review to get me off my butt and writing again!

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