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Hey peoples! My name is Luna! OK not really. The username was an inside joke with my friends. I'm including the explaination because for some reason I've been asked about it a couple of times so just so you know and don't ask.

I've been writing for awhile but never really put anything up until a couple of months ago when I put up the rough draft of the first few chapters of The Gift of Her Curse. This is one of my personal favorites and I worked hard on it.

Just to let ya'll know, when I first put somthing up, it is most likely still in the rough draft stages. I'm here on fiction press to get the full constructive critisim and well to see if I'm any good really, but ya'll don't have to be mean about it. K? Kool.

Smores about me!

I have green eyes that change shade with the seasons and very thin light brown hair(NOT BLONDE!). I'm kinda the hippie girl of the school i suppose. well you decide. I'm vegetarian, green thumbed, eco-friendly, and totally into the protection of nature. This guy at my school last year suffered dearly for tormenting a bird on our trip to sea world. Please don't ask. As you can tell I have a temper, I love to read(it's almost a disease I'm so obsessed with books), and my favorite naruto couples are naruhina, sasusaku, nejiten, and shikaino.

Oh and I love purple duck tape!


2/24/08: Hey look I have a profile! Lol its been how long and I just got time to write in my profile? oh well watever. Oh and by the way i got the idea of having an updaty thingy part from mi amiga Kenna-Katt11. Idk where she got the idea or she just had it herself but there is the props.

2/24/08: Oh and heres the news I forgot to say in the above update. I finally had time to redo some of the first three chapters of The Gift of Her Curse. I'm almost ready to put up the nxt chapter but I'm not sure about a few of the fine points and I don't know when I'll have more time. The fact that I have time to write all of this is a miracle in itself.

4/8/08: Hey I'm really sorry I havn't ben able to write much lately due to trying to focus on school work. But to make you feel better I put up the precludes to two of my new stories. Strangely when I was writing about them I din't realize that they had almost the same names so i might change one of them to something else. You'll understand if you read them. Therefore... READ THEM! lol ;P

4/12/08: i was hoping to get a new chapter up this weekend but I'm not quite ready yet. But I am almost done with th e 1st chapter of Hide and Seek. I might get done with it 2mrw or mon. might mind you.

5/17/08: omg i am so sorry! i got caught up in finals n such so i havent updated in ever. im in the middle of rewritting the gift of her curse so I might get the next revised chapter up today but im not promising anything.

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