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Hey guys.

I finally got my butt in gear

and have been rereading Love doesn't bite

and going through and fixing my spelling

and adding more parts to hopefully make it seem like

their conversations lasted more then two minutes.

I am very sorry about my spelling, I started doing

this 'coz a friend told me to, to improve my spelling.

And it has, a lot. So I'm going to repost all the chapters

when I'm done, really sorry to everyone who's already

read it. I hope you don't mind rereading it.

It shouldn't take too long.

I'm gonna leave the school the way it is because

I don't like the sound of the school I looked up

so sorry about that. It's gonna be more American (even

though I'm an Aussie lol). Hopefully you guys will enjoy the changes I made,

I changed Lupul's last name 'coz I had some complaints

about it. other then that I haven't changed all that much

just added.

So thanks again, and I am sorry for making you reread it.

Love always B.B.B.

Up Coming Stories: Ledgends of immortals (I think that's spelt right. Name might change but

I'm happy with it so far)

Also another one that's just ideas at the mo... About a coven of Wizards. Evil Wizards. (That for sum reason

Aren't as bad as they make out to be. lol Thinking of naming it Pagan's war

on everything but that's just an idea. Story has nothing to do with the name

I don't think)

Cheers and thanks to everyone who's reveiwed.

Mor_mor (Ani came up witht the name not me.)

Updates on stories: Pagan and L.O.I. is getting

there. Just ideas in a exercise book at the mo.

Once again:

PARAMORE ROX!! there is no comparison!

Their new album ROX.

Love you all!

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