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Back!! Though ironically im leaving in a few days and might not be able to get my new chapter up before then. If your lucky, i will.

hey all

My name is Gina, I'm 14 years old, live in New Zealand and love to read

I am of middle height with long blond brown hair and brown eyes and a weird sense of humor for those of you who know me.

I'm aiming to do engineering even though my older sister and one of my brothers are already doing it.

English, art and Swimming are my favourite subjects but people take for granted that I like science and maths because I get good marks which is NOT true I hate it, though it really depends on the teacher.

I am in the middle of a few stories which I am writing in my spare time and I hope I might be near finishing by the end of the year (unlikely) feel free to comment on my stories, good or bad I don't care, I'm starting up a new program that whenever someone comments on a chapter I'll write a new one so if anyone out there wants me to finish please start reviewing.

My Stories

(NEW!) Shadow Men, I story I thought of while feeling slightly depressed in bed I'm not yet sure where its going and I only have the prologue up so far but the nest chapter is coming, you must tell me whether to continue though!!

Lady Of The Night

The basic story line is this: Alyana is the main character, almost 14 years old and with a strange ability to talk to and understand animals. She is the only daughter of Charles of Toren and has grown up with only servants and animals for company. She is willful and spends the time when she is meant to be studying out in the woods with Ranna, her pony and Wolf, a huge handsome wolf whom Aly saved from captivity.

The story starts just after Sophia, Aly's mother died. They were in a carriage coming back from Saduhe, the Mourning city and they were having an argument that ended in Aly leaping out of the carriage and disappearing off into the woods. To top it all off Charles gets a summons from the king and has only a few days to look for his daughter which prove fruitless. Meanwhile Aly, after catching up with Wolf sneaks back to the castle and gathers what she will need for a few weeks on her own, then she, Ranna and Wolf set of a a journey to Galabrostious the Capital of the Kingdom of Diedem.

Aly stays in the Capital only a week before being kidnapped by a mysterious stranger...

...and you will have to read the rest to find out, Happy Reading!!

I do have other Stories but this is the one I am focusing on if you feel that I should also focu on another contact me.

I also love to write poems about everything

The Wind Under My Wings is about a time when I just felt frustrated and trapped in my life

Life is Like a Staircase is a poem-made analogy of life that I thought up

The Sky is Your Limit! I was feeling inspired by Dr. Seuss' poems and felt extraordinarily happy with my life that day (I have strange up-down moods)

My Thoughts on Thinking This is an amusing poem about how hard it is to comprehend thoughts and thinking

A Friend Amidst the Rest is an encouraging poem to all those who are abused and hurt

From Children's Eyes is a rant about the mess the adults are making the world that we will inherit

and the other poems I can't remember so go read them to find out

Thanks WishIWasAnEagle

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