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Hello and welcome to my FictionPress profile! Looking back, I've realized it's been forever since I updated my profile and that it was actually quite boring to begin with. Well, I'll try to make it a little more interesting now!

Mako-chan has appeared! I'm friendly most of the time, but that doesn't mean I don't get angry too! One day I want to be great psychiatrist and maybe an author too! I wish I could draw though...

Don't upset me or do anything to harm my friends or else I'll bite you to death. (Not really, that's just weird, which I am, but I don't bite people. Especially not to death...)

Okay, this is for all the fans of my one and only story so far; 守り 宝石 の 伝説 better know as Legend of the Charmed Jewels!! I've been wanting to this for a long time, but honestly I've just been too lazy XD. Anyway, it's character bios!!

Nature Soldiers

Name: Sagami Sanekichi/Soldier Platinum

Age: 15

Birthday: September 22 - Virgo

Occupation: 1st Year Student (10th Grader) attending Kaibara High School/Pretty boy soldier in a silver suit.

Jewel: Metal Charmed Platinum

Weapon: Ivory Shields

Symbol: Pt (the chemical symbol for platinum)

Transformation: Platinum Spirit, jewel up! (Level 2)

Bio: The hero of our story. He's a bit childish and not really used to things such as fighting and stopping the take over of an evil alien race, but he manages somehow. His father, Sakamoto, died a year before the story began and he's gotten over it thanks to his best friend, Kenji. As leader of the nature soldiers, Sane is initially the only one able to purify and cleanse the monsters sent by the Zoamans. Sane's not the best at picking out traps and he tends to trust people too easily. He tries his hardest, though. Especially if his friends are involved.

Appearance: Grey hair styled similar to Kingdom Heart's Riku's, and blue eyes. A tad on the skinny side, despite his love of all things sweet and takoyaki. He didn't exactly have a steady outfit until chapter 27 when Megumi took everyone shopping. His standard outfit is a long-sleeved white & blue shirt with a star decorating the front. He also wears beige cargo pants with tons of pockets. As Soldier Platinum, his hair and eye color become a dazzling silver and he wears a black shirt with a short-sleeved silver jacket, silver shorts, black & silver shoes, fingerless gloves, and a matching headband. Newly added are a pair of silver earrings and a black collar around his neck.

Name: Karumi Megumi/Soldier Ruby

Age: 17 (as of chapter 28)

Birthday: July 28 - Leo

Occupation: 2nd Year Student (11th Grader) attending St. Robel All Girls Academy/Beautiful soldier in a crimson skirt.

Jewel: Blaze Charmed Ruby

Weapon: Phoenix Crossbow

Symbol: Phoenix

Transformation: Ruby Natural Power, jewel up! (Level 2)

Bio: Brave and strong, Megumi was the second person to join Sane's team. She a bit confused at first (Sane was in a skirt when they met), but accepted her new role easily enough. She gets along well with others and always tries to make friends. To that end, a few of her classmates are jealous of her. Her best friend, Miyako, nevertheless encourages her to do her best. Since she's a full-time border at school, not much is know about her home life.

Appearance: Brown eyes and brunette hair going halfway down her back. She has quite the average body for girls her age and enjoy cute clothes and open-toed shoes. She usually wears a pair of dark red capree pants with a matching skirt strapped over the top and an orange shirt with IDOL painted in red. She owns pairs of heart-shaped and star-shaped sunglasses but wear them on her head instead of actually wearing them. After transforming, her hair and eyes become crimson red and wears crimson boots that come up to her knees. Megumi also dons a purple shirt and red short-sleeved jacket along with a red matching skirt. Transforming also give her fingerless gloves phoenix-shaped earrings, a headband, and a choker.

Name: Mizuno Kojirou/Soldier Sapphire

Age: 16

Birthday: March 15 - Pisces

Occupation: 1st Year Student attending Kaibara High School (a different class than Sane)/Handsome soldier in a cerulean suit.

Jewel: Wave Charmed Sapphire

Weapon: Clam Castanets (Level 1), Manta Harp (Level 2)

Symbol: Clam (Level 1), Manta (Level 2)

Transformation: Sapphire Natural Power, jewel up! (Level 2)

Bio: Kojirou is usually the calm and collected guy with an affinity for music. Though, hanging around Kenji for long (or even short) periods of time tends to stress him out, leading to arguments. Kenji often calls him "ontaku" which is a play in words meaning "music freak". They're usually not on the best of terms, but can work together if only for ten seconds. Kojirou's father, Kouji, did not support his musical ambitions at first, but slowly opened up to the idea. Strangely enough, his least favorite instrument are the castanets (his first weapon) and his favorite, the harp (his second weapon).

Appearance: Grey eyes and hair so blue it almost looks dark (sorta like the inverse of Sane, but his hair is cut short and rather spiky at the top O_o). He's about the build of your average sixteen year old and prefers to wear clothes with a musical or aquatic motiff. His usual clothes are a blue & green Hawaiian-style button down shirt with a sunset on the back opened to reveal a tan t-shirt and plain navy shorts. Becoming Soldier Sapphire grants him cerulean hair and eyes, a light blue shirt and a cerulean short-sleeved jacket to cover it. He wears similar shorts and fingerless gloves with his signature color. Like the others, he has a headband, choker, and earrings modeled in a manta-style.

Name: Orimoto Ami/Soldier Emerald

Age: 15

Birthday: October 13 (I changed it XD)- Libra

Occupation: 1st Year Student attending Kaibara High/Beautiful soldier in a lime green skirt.

Jewel: Sky Charmed Emerald

Weapon: Butterfly Fan Wings

Symbol: Butterfly

Transformation: Emerald Natural Power, jewel up! (Level 2)

Bio: Ami just so happens to be the shy rich girl with a crush on Sane. Unfortunately, he is unaware of her feelings regardless of what she says or does. You could say she got her powers by accident. Veeshin told her her grandmother, Keiko, had a terrible disease and the only way to cure it was to steal the Charmed Jewels from Sane, Megumi, and Kojirou. Ami fought with them and afterwards joined the team. She speaks properly and is the only person who calls Sane by his real name on a regular basis (Sanekichi-san). Thought soft spoken, Ami has high ideals of love and will fight more seriously when someone important is on the line.

Appearance: She has indigo eyes and dark green hair to the point where it almost looks black. Being rich, she has tons of clothes and a huge closet, but sticks to uniforms and blouses. Her soldier uniform is a lime green version of Megumi's with a butterfly motiff.

Name: Kitagawa Kenji/Soldier Topaz

Age: 16

Birthday: May 7 - Taurus

Occupation: 1st Year Student attending Kaibara High/Handsome soldier in a golden suit.

Jewel: Stone Charmed Topaz

Weapon: Lion Hammer

Symbol: Lion

Transformation: Stone Charmed Topaz (Level 1)

Bio: Kenji is Sane's best friend who is actually quite useless in the begining. His importance increases as of chapter 18 and he officially becomes a Nature Soldier at the end of chapter 22 (though he couldn't control his powers). Even with powers, however, he's still technically the weakest. Surprisingly he was able to defeat the Generals by using their attacks against them (though no one witnessed the victory). His mother works alot and leaves him little notes on the fridge. Kenji has a rivalry with Kojirou and is called Shishi-yarou (Lion Bastard) by said boy.

Appearance: Messy brunet hair and hazel eyes are some of Kenji's physical traits. When he's not wearing his school uniform, he prefers t-shirts and sleeveless shirts. It was also comically revealed that he wears orange boxers decorated with yellow bananas. His soldier uniform is a gold version of Kojirou's with a lion motif.

Twilight Soldiers

I'll fill this in later...

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