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Ok about me. My name is Amanda and I hate it with a passion.

I write slash, abuse stories, action, and horror stories. I'm sorry if same gender sexual relations is a problem for you. If it is I will post in the beginning if the story contains any of that kind of content. . I don't want to offend anyone, but if i do please don't send me nasty emails. My little heart can't take that kind of critisism. Ah fuck, who am I kidding? If you don't like it don't read it. I could care less what people think about my writing. Unless you really like it or have something constructive to say.

Please let me know if you like my stories.

You know what I'm gonna do? Make a totally grusome horror story. Ugh, but I need ideas. Shite, anyway. So the stories I have up right now are:

Hawthorne's Fall: SLASH!! This is about a vampire named Hawthorne Trevisian. It will have a lot of male on male contact. maybe even male on female. But it's mostly just gay. lmao. (please don't pay any attention to my little bursts of random things that I find hilarious. If it makes no sense...that's ok, cause it probably doesn't make sense to me either. but if you need clarification don't hesitate to send me a message.) Ok now in the beginning Hawthorne is captured by slayers, (not to be confused with buffy stuff, I don't write fan fiction) The slayer council decides that since he was changed at such a young age (17) that he isn't responsible for his current state, so they send him to live with Benjamin Everson and his younger sister , Henna Everson, so that he can integrate himself back into society. But, hahahaha, the nice author has decided to make Ben's life a living hell with the addition of this feisty, angsty, little vampire. Please read and send me a review. and be honest, don't just tell me what I want to hear.

Speak No Evil: SLASH!! This one is a bit more normal than my other story. It's about a boy named Dominick Heart, He's 16 years old and has been living under the constant abuse of his father since his mother died when he was, eh I don't remember. but it's been like ten years I think. Anyway, After a jock, named Adam Devlin finds out he makes it his mission in life to save Dominick. Sweet huh? The two fall in love with each other, like in all good stories, but will it turn out for the better? Or will Dominick just give up on life all together. Please be honest in your reviews. I don't care if you think the story sucks, as long as you're honest and constuctive on why it sucks. I don't need hate mail.

ooh I have an upcoming story, It's called Assassin's promise. I have two versions, the SLASH one is going up on here. The other one my brother wants to read and he's a little homophobic so I have to keep it nice and heterosexual for him. lol. Poor kid. In a sick twisted way he was my inspiration for Adam. My Brother is a jock, he's 15, but he's one of the sweetest kids in the world. I wish all jocks could be like him. but anyway, yeah by brother isn't gay that's why I said sick and twisted. Holy shit, my cousin is right I need to stick to one topic at a time. ok so for upcoming stories I have:

Assassin's Promise: SLASH!! Ok this one is about four, well three at first, assassins who work for a corporation called Dark Knight. (This story was inspired by the anime show Weiss Kruez. I don't want it to be fan fiction, so I changed enough of it so as to where it's not exact, just similar.) The three meet the fourth member through a series of battles with the major bad guy, and eventually bring him to their side. The story doesn't start out with much slash but wait a few chapters and BAM!! (did I scare you, just kidding, lmao) But the main point of the story is that they try to kill the bad guy. It's a simple plot really, but it's funny.

Demons and Angels: No slash sorry! Its a work in progress. The title is subject to change as well. It's about a demon that convinces a pair of magically inclined twins to free him from his prison. The twins are under the divine protection of two angels. everything in the story is subject to change, but the basic plot is the same.

Second Sight: Mucho Slasho. LOL! Man The ideas just keep coming. This one is going to have a touch of horror to it. I hope, It will have some Slash in it too. The only problem is that I only have my characters planned out relationship wise and not really stroy plot wise. I hate my brain sometimes.

Untitled: Ok so this one has twins and a demon in it too, but It's going to be different than Demons and Angels. I promise. So it's about a demon who's soul was taken from his body and sealed into a human child. The basic plot is that the demon and the kid have to co-exist in one mind. Eventually things are going to happen and the demon, well it'll be a Slash story, and I'm not going to tell you anymore. Not because I don't know what's going to happen, because I do. Really, I do. . Anyway It's cause I want it to be a surprise.

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