Fateful Mistakes
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There is little I can say about myself. I am someone who goes through each day knowing it's not about to get better. I live for music and will stand up for what I believe.

Although I have many friends, I trust only a few of them. And even though I trust so few people I wouldn't hesitate to give my life for anyone dispite any personal biases I may have against that person.

I have always believed that if we have done wrong in our lives no matter how long we try to act like it didn't happen we should atone for it. Mistakes don't just go away.

I have made mistakes in my life and have spent much time since making up for it by helping and supporting people in need.

Music, ah music. I have always enjoyed it. I play Guitar, piano, trumpet and drums.

Even though I spend a lot of time with friends I enjoy being alone. I like to think or talk to people about in depth topics.

"This world is corrupt. It has been tainted by our lies and discete. There is little we can do now. Hope has become such a lie. Distracting us from the truth, letting us accept fate no matter how bad it may be. You may accept this if you wish, but as for me I do not wish to see such an empry world." This quote I believe more than anything else. I know it to be true because I have lived such things and found nothing against it to be true.

If you've got someone to see, something to say. Don't wait. Act.


Should Have Thought it Through reviews
umm ya its just the first thing I wrote, couple years ago just never really did much with it. Reviews would be great I guess.
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