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~B.A Hayllar~

A huge hello to those that read this, I am Beth. I am a writer to the core, on dailybooth my blurbs are always huge, on facebook there is always a new note, on bebo there are...cobwebs...but still. Anyway, I love writing, I literally could not live without my hands, or I'd teach myself to write with my toes...O.o Is anyone else freaked out by that thought? (I'm ticklish, you

My previous biography/profile was more sombre I suppose, which reflects upon my mood at the time. I assure you all, I'm a little more cheerful than that! I enjoy meeting up with friends and acquaintaces, partying, dancing, walking, writing poetry and prose, drinking socially, doing things I shouldn't, being sexist (Yes, boys, I'm a huuuuge sexist. You're all bastards. End of) I will be purchasing a cat soon, which I hope to name either Greebo (after Nanny Ogg's cat) or Salem, but my sister thinks it should be named something more original like fluffy. Urgh. NEWS FLASH: the cat is named connie and she is my baby!

All my stories have an element of horror or tragedy in them as I'm a realist and that's the way it goes, with the good there is always bad, no matter what. I also agree with Adrien Brody's view of real human development which is that you cannot be fully developed as a person unless you have seen both sides of the coin, the beautiful and the ugly, the tragic and the euphoric. On top of this I'm agnostic.

I endeavour to incorporate a sense of humanity in my characters by giving them a slice of what I have experienced.

I will try to get around to writing up all my ideas, but as it is there are dozens of them and they're all safely locked away in my journal just waiting for the right amount of inspiration and time to be set loose on this site. At the moment their is only one novel on here that I'm actually working on as I don't have anymore inspiration for my own poetry- what a sad day. The Heritage series will, hopefully, be three stories long, but probably won't get that far though as I do have a lot of work.

The Heritage Series characters:

Frederick Grant Camberley: Louise's dead father. He was a kind man, very loving and seemed to always be cheerful. He smiled a lot and was a big softie, often giving in to Louise's requests for chocolate icecream. He was a bit of a conservative, cultured and was raised in an upper class family until his father lost the family's wealth and they ended up living on the street for a few months. Since that day Frederick had to build up a reputation and funds the old fashioned way and prefered it, he enjoyed politics and rather serious topics but also was secretly a lover of all art. Louise's clearest memory of him is standing in the kitchen on Christmas eve asking for icecream while he surreptiously winked to signal she would recieve a hefty bowl when Rosalind left.

Rosalind May Finney/ Camberley: (Louise's dead mother) Creative and spiritual, she dabbled in teaching, becoming a teaching assistant at several different schools over ten years as she moved about with Frederick and her young daughter. At a younger age she was frivelous and impulsive but quickly sobered up just before she met Frederick. Though she was as outwardly happy as Frederick was she was still a very cheerful and loving mother, though was a bit more quiet than Freddy. She was also an artist, painting portraits and landscapes in traditional styles as well as more post-modern styles. Louise's clearest memory of her mother is sitting in the backgarden watching her mother "paint" (which consisted of flinging paint at a very large canvas and then painting over it with intricate details)

Louise May Camberley: Is almost eighteen years old. She would like to think of herself as a very friendly, cheerful and welcoming person like her parents had been but, unfortunately, has a fiery temper, is quite sensitive and, though she can make friends quite quickly, she usually loses them within a few months - either from moving away or saying/doing something not quite normal. She is obsessed with normalcy, hating to be called weird or freakish, this is probably due to her rather hectic life. At eight years old, on Christmas, she witnessed the brutal massacre of her parents- her world and foundation- and was flung into the rarely successful world of the Social Services. She was placed with an abusive family only a few months after the death of her parents and since then has not been able to trust any new families- which, quite obviously- causes a riff. She fights a lot and so is used to having stitches, and, recently has discovered her mind goes off on a tangent- which sometimes results in her breaking a bone. She suffers from insomnia and is not scared of the dark, being a strong believer in facing up to what you are afraid of. When she cannot sleep she goes for walks, swings in the park, goes swimming in the Estuary, plays "pranks" on "enemies" or watches the fullmoon and stares through her window.

Dagda "Bane" Wolffteig/D. Wolf: Better known as Bane to, well, everyone, Bane lives in a large house, sharing it with several of his closest friends and their partners. He will be twenty five on January 20th, he studied History at Bristol University and took up several electronic, plumbing and carpentry courses in his spare time. He exhudes masculinity and hates weakness

Other Characters are yet to be introduced in the story itself, so I shan't add them yet- it'll ruin the surprise- though I shall say the sudden injection o fnames may boggle you. I also won't write much about any of them either, as that will also ruint he surprise.

Thanks again. Read on and review, my readers! It makes me happier that way :D

Yours Faithfully

~B.A Haynes~


Hello there, readers! Newsflash for the upcoming new year (so I'm a couple of weeks off, big wooop! ¬_¬)
I've recently started penning ideas for a second story down and would VERY much like to start publishing them, this is just a quick note on what the next story entails. 'The Tale of Shadows' is about a group of people, Guardians, who live on the tallest peak in the Guardian Mountains. This is a fantasy story set in a world of Gods, myths, creatures and anti-science (science that makes no logical sense). Main characters are Rhin and Quinlaine, childhood friends, as they travel through the ranks of Guardianship and begin their many adventures in the wide world below them. Unbeknowst to them, their biggest adventure is on their very own doorstep! I began writing this story when I was about nine and as I have grown up the details of it have been refined. I've never written it before so... it's pretty fresh and, for me at least, pretty inspiring. I hope you love it as much as I do-- it is my baby after all.

Update on Heritage: I havent updated in a while, I know, I'm facing a serious case of writers block mixed in with uncertainty. Hopefully, at a later date, i will be able to continue with it but until then...

Kind regards to all!


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