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I wouldn't let anything at all that I thought wasn't directly aimed at helping my creativity come out, I treat it as if it were a knife to my heart like ah... William Burroughs always talks about the world is nothing but allies and enemies and it's important to, to understand what things around you are the enemies and a lot of the time your worst enemy is your, is your ego. - John Frusciante

Heya, fanfic readers and/or writers!!!

Hey! [What?] Check out my new homepage! [Okay!]

CURRENT WRITING PROJECTS: Yeah, I know, I know! I haven't been doing much of anything lately! But, hey! I gots me a new co-author, Cade Buchanan, for "Peace of the Bands", a three year old Jem story. So, everybody, go welcome Cade by reading chapter two of that fic!!!

Oh, and hey, NASCAR people, please don't give up on me yet with them fics! I have an idea for one that I might end up writing over the next couple weeks. It's a short one, but I thinks ya might like it!

Boogity Boogity Boogity! - Darrell Waltrip

So far out of all my fics, my favourite is the Red Hot Chili Pepper tale "Would You Suffer My Reality?". So, if you have a chance, please read that one. Thanks!

You know that matchbox twenty fic I'm always talking about here? Um... well, yeah. Virus struck my computer, wiped the hard drive, and took that fic with it. I am so not kidding. WISH I were! I have the first six chapters printed out, and I think four on disk, but chapter seven is forever gone. Maybe it's nostagia talking, but I really thought that was my best chapter of the fic. So this really bites monkeys. I'm so pissed, I'll probably never end up finishing that thing.

A moment of silence for lost chapter seven...

: silence :

GO #15!!! (#99 in the Busch Series). Mikey's gonna kick some butt at The Winston next weekend! EEE!!!

- dearjoan, gas girl for 's NASCAR pit crew