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"To be great is to be misunderstood."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello there, friend! So you really don't need my life story up here; instead, I'll just give you a few tidbits. Also, if you want to know anything further about lil' old me, please click on my Homepage, which will lead you to my blog! I also have a deviantart account which I will post below. When I actually get around to posting some stuff up here, I will probably also put up some fiction-based art on that account.

-I'll be seventeen years old in January 2010 and I do not have my permit yet. Don't really know if I'll even get my license anytime soon. I suppose that it's more that I'd rather live somewhere I don't have to drive than anything else. Cities or small towns are my kind of thing.

-My life is consumed by the arts. I sing 24/7 and I always carry a book around with me. I want to be an actor when I grow up, but sometimes I think I might write, too. And I draw in my free time.

-I am a huge feminist, and I pretty much incorporate it into everything I do, so don't be surprised if a lot of my writing centers around that.

-If I were any more ridiculous, I would be Rachel Berry.

-I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter to arrive.


"I think that somehow we learn who we are and live with that decision." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Most of the basic truths of life are absurd at first hearing." -- Elizabeth Goudge

"It is hopeless. I shall never curtsy without falling. I shall lie sprawled upon the gleaming floors of Buckingham Palace like a disgraceful stain of a girl, my nose resting upon the boot of the Queen. I shall be the talk of the season, whispered about behind open fans. No doubt every man will avoid me like typhus." -- Gemma Doyle, The Sweet Far Thing

"(Tom Lefroy) You dance with passion.
(Jane Austen) No sensible woman would dance with passion, if the purpose were to attract a husband.
(Tom Lefroy) As opposed to a lover?" -- Becoming Jane

"Young boys should never be sent to bed...They always wake up a day older." -- JM Barrie, Finding Neverland

"To die will be an awfully big adventure." -- Peter Pan

"Well, of course Aunt March prefers Amy over me. Why shouldn't she? I'm ugly and awkward and I always say the wrong things. I fly around throwing away perfectly good marriage proposals. I love our home, but I'm just so fitful and I can't stand being here! I'm sorry, I'm sorry Marmee. There's just something really wrong with me. I want to change, but I - I can't. And I just know I'll never fit in anywhere." -- Jo March, Little Women

"Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths." -- Lois Wyse

A Little About My Writing:

The first time I acknowledged that I truly enjoyed writing was in second grade. My teacher at the time liked my writing and said she wanted to "publish" some of it (which really meant laminating it and reading it to the entire class). From this were born my first two stories: "The Little People," about a family of very tiny human beings who went to live in a hotel, despite the perils that awaited them such as large animals and people discovering them, and "Happy Birthday, Sarah," which, low and behold, detailed the exciting events of "Sarah's" birthday. Over the years I broadened my horizons and began writing about other things, but those two stories always remain dear in my heart.

As the years have progressed and I've continued writing, I have come to realize that I have ADD when I write: meaning, basically, that I can never get one whole story finished before jumping to another. This has proven to be both a good thing and a bad thing - good because it means I have lots of ideas, but bad because I never tend to finish any story. This causes very slow updates on my part, but, have no fear, I shall try my best to keep updating on this site.

Being the teenage girl that I am, that's what is usually at the heart of my stories: what it's like to be a teenage girl. My main characters are generally young girl's who are way ahead of their time. I tend to write more historically-based fiction than stories that take place today, and I also like to throw in a little fantasy now-and-then. One of my favorite themes of all time are girls who dress up and act like boys to get what they want. There is also usually a bit of romance in my stories, though it's very rarely the center of my aspiring novels.

As I continue to write I will post more and more up here. Happy reading!

Projects in the Works:

Note: Many of these are simply ideas that I have concocted over the years and some of them may never actually be put up here. I have slight ADD when I'm writing; I constantly move from one idea to the next. So please be patient if it takes me a long time to update. :)

The Novelist(tent title): The summer of 1896 in England is a dry one, and aspiring author Louisa Jane Fairchild -- who would very much prefer to be called "Lou," thank you very much -- is about to turn seventeen years old. With her mother dead now for nearly nine years, Lou and her siblings have been free to run wild for years. However, Lou's tomfoolery is soon squashed when her imperious great-aunt Margaret shows up on their doorstep to wisk the children away to London for the summer. Aunt Margaret is determined to make Lou a proper lady by her seventeenth birthday, but Lou will have none of it. Will her dream to become a great author follow through? Or will she be forced into the life of a lady despite herself? Historical -- Drama

Zits, Snogging, and Rum: The Perfect Guide to Surviving Teenagehood: A collection of short stories about two best friend who struggle through life, love, and the drama of being a teenage girl today. It was originally a gift that I made for my best friend for her fifteenth birthday. Young Adult -- Drama/Humor

The Warrior's Sister: Everyone knows the story of the great Theseus, King of Athens...but I bet not many of you know the back story. In truth, Theseus wasn't originally all he was cocked up to be. You are surprised? Oh, yes, Theseus had help. That help was me: his sister. Mythology -- Adventure

Children: They were fifteen when the war started. Years have passed and now they've seen the harsh ways of the world. But, on the inside, even at twenty-one, she knows they're still just children...A story set during and post-WWII. Might be a one-shot, but I could also extend it. Historical -- Tragedy/Romance

Glass Slippers: Because, in truth, every girl would like to be like Cinderella -- to find true love with one dance, one look, one touch and have everything work out perfectly...A young woman reflects on her "love" for her fiancé as she prepares to walk down the isle. Realistic -- Drama?

The Forgotten Princess: Helen of Engolia is the daughter of the two most powerful monarchs of her age. She is not, however, the oldest princess, nor is she the most beautiful. She is not the wisest nor the cleverest. Because of this, she is most often forgotten and left in the dust behind her brothers and sisters. But when a neighboring, enemy country attacks the kingdom, the entire royal family is killed...except for Helen. She runs far away and grows up trying to forget her royal heritage. Then, with her dying uncle on the throne, the enemy kingdom makes plans to attack again. Helen knows what she must do. But will anyone listen to her? (Part of a planned trilogy). Adventure -- Drama

Aurelia's Tale: (tentative title) Princess Aurelia of Eban has always known that the crown would never be hers -- she is a girl and must marry for sake of the kingdom. But when tragedy strikes Eban and her family, it's up to Aurelia to set out and find her elder brother Liam. But does she have what it takes to face the greatest war her world has ever seen? Fantasy -- Adventure

A Few Things You Probably Didn't Want to Know About Me:


Book(s): the Harry Potter series, the Gemma Doyle trilogy, His Dark Materials, Little Women, Jacky Faber, The Secret Garden, Ella Enchanted, all the works of Jane Austen, Young Wizards, The Awakening, and many others

Movie(s): Finding Neverland, Becoming Jane, Titanic, Little Women, Shakespeare in Love, Bonnie and Clyde, Sixteen Candles, Sabrina, (500) Days of Summer, and the Hayao Miyazaki movies

Music: Joshua Radin, Imogen Heap, Iron & Wine, The Beatles, The White Stripes, Violent Femmes, and many musicals

Food: Chocolate may be horrible for your health, but it's good for the soul!

She-roes: Queen Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc, Emily Dickinson, Dorothy Parker, Hester Prynne, Hermione, Jo March, Mary Lennox, Jacky Faber, Nita Callahan, Lyra Belaqua, and Eilonwy (from the Prydain Chronicles)

Other Places I Can Be Found on the Internet:

deviantart: SpringsEternalGodess (http://)

livejournal: heroic_heroine (click my homepage)


fanfiction: HyperHarryPotterGoddesses

~"Please, god, please! Don't let me be normal!"~

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