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Poll: What story should I write next? I've got some new story ideas cooked up the problem is figuring out which one I want to tackle first. So, here are a few brief summaries. I really want to write the Secret of Alifraeia but I want your opinion first. titles Vote Now!
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My name is Cheyenne but you can call me Chey. I have always loved to write ever since I was little and I appreciate feedback on my stories. I am 16 years old and going into 11th grade. Also, ignore some of my older poetry please, i cringe just looking at it. Oh and dont be afraid to drop me a review lol

Updates and Other Crap:


Okay, I just posted a BUNCH of different crap that I've had stored on my computer for months lol. Check it out and drop me a review if you're bored and have nothing to do. I enjoy constructive criticism.


WOW! it's definitely been a while since I've even logged onto fictionpress. I should be posting a lot this summer however. I've been making plans for a different story that I'm really committed to writing over the summer. Since I don't have school, this should be easier to do. I'm in the process of constructing a plot outline that will hopefully be finished by the end of the weekend and then after that I'll start working more on getting chapters done. I've been playing around with title for it but I'm very iffy on the one I have in mind right now and I doubt it will stay the same. If I ever finish this story I plan on working on my earlier idea, The Fall of Alifraeia.


Okay Ive been in a writer's funk for a while except for the occasional poem when I was feeling down, but I think I'm finally out of it!! Lately it's been hard not to think up stories so you can expect some more posts on here sometime soon! However, I have had a lot of homework but I'm trying to not let that get in the way of writing.


I just posted another poem! I'm hoping I get a lot of reviews for this one. It's about my dad and how he's entirely wrapped up with so much other stuff that he doesn't see whats important. It's called "Reality of Fiction" and it would be awesome if you could go review it =).


I just posted a new poem called "Lost in the Past" please, please, please read and review it. It may not be that good but it's very special to me because i wrote it about one of my best friend's who is suicidal (I actually got the inspiration for it after I finished praying about her and I asked God to help me help her.) Even if you say it sucks thats fine I just want to know what people think.


I take back what I said earlier. I'm posting the new version of From the Ashes of Arrafel now. So go read it if you havent already. I'll probably be posting the next chapter up after school gets out in a few weeks because theres NO WAY I can write and study for exams and do homework at the same time.


Okay I promised myself I wouldnt start anymore stories without getting some more work done on From the Ashes of Arrafel. Well, apparently I'm a liar (and I'm lazy lol). So a new story is demanding I write it and I'll be posting it in probably a couple of days maybe earlier so look out for that. It will most likely be called "Stained Hearts" or "Tainted Hearts" but it could take a different turn and be named something completely different. This story is the result of watching one too many vampire animes/movies and listening to songs like Vampire Heart and Vampires Will Never Hurt You all day (lol). So it's gonna be a vampire story _.


From the Ashes of Arrafel

I originally started writing this in like 5th or 6th grade but I stopped after like one chapter (lol) and then started writing it again in seventh grade. The idea was totally different at first I think it was about like a girl's cat turning into a human or something like that but it completely evolved into something else. Here's a summary:

Adrienne always despised going to Seastone Antiques. There was just something about it that made her feel uncomfortable and made her want to run the other way. But her best friend Ellie loved it and convinced her to go with her. And upon seeing a beautiful necklace in the shop she is instantly captivated and the real story begins. Adrienne is soon forced away from her family, friends, and world and discovers the beautiful but broken world of Arrafel that only she can save from destruction.

I'll put a couple more stories up sometime soon in the future so look out for em' _

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