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Hello and welcome to my very boring profile page. I'm KnightsOfCydonia, I'm a she, and that's all you really need to know.

Well, damn it all. It seems that, after reading a numerous amount of stories, I have started one of my own. Uh, no I haven't posted it, and I have no idea when I will. I'll post up more information when I decide to not be so lazy. However, right now I'm not in the mood to think up a summary, so... too bad. Not that it matters much. As I have said before, my writing abilities are respected as much as the cat poop on the bottom of your shoe, so I'm not in any sort of hurry.

I'm also KnightsOfCydonia at . I have no stories up, and most likely never will. I doubt I would be able to match any character's true personality and I don't want to write something that will give a movie/tv show unjustice, or something that will (most likely) ruin them in my eyes. So I'll stick with messing up my own twisted characters.

Well, enough boring shit about me. Have a good life.