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Hey! So, I'm a new at this, so sorry if my stories aren't perfect, yet. Just send me reviews and I'll change them! Thanks, and I really appreciate it. Ugh, back to school, but I shouldn't complain because we only have 1 and 1/2 months left. Can I get a cheer?? LOL ...Anyways, had a lot of free time, so I'm on like a writing frenzy. Check out my stories, Prince for me? and Confused Heart. Anyways, here's about me, in all my weirdness glory!

Name: Sarah-A-Bear...Bear is my nickname, I got it when I was little and it just stuck. My mom even made up a cheer for me, you know the alligator cheer? It's okay if you don't, well she stuck Bear in there. What can I say, Gotta love her!

About Me: I am a perfectionist sometimes a good thing and other times its a curse. It causes way way to much stress!! Totally a weirdo, seriously I have a ranch dressing addiction, but I gave it up for the year of 2008. Crazy, I think I seriously experienced ranch withdrawal. I love to sew, and quilt. I love talking. Honestly, if there is a Geniuss World Record for talking I will beat it. Ask any of my friends, even though you don't know them. LOL But seriously, if there is a record for that, please let me know. Also I have this thing. After my name I put an exclamation point. It's my thing so please nobody take it!

Age: It really depend on how much drama I am dealing with right now. The more the older I get.

Favorite Books: 1- Ugly Series 2- Twilight Seriesoh 3- The Two Princess of Bamare (Gail Carson Levine: best author!) 4- Fruits Basket Series 5- hmm, probably any Love Inspired books 6- House of Night Series 7- Seer Series

Recent Reads: I just started reading the House of Night series. Right now I am on the 3rd book. If you like vampyres, this series is definitly for you! It is awesome, suspense, drama, romance and backstabbing. All the stuff you love to read about but as teens, hate to actually experience.

Favorite Bands: Sanctus Real, Hawk Nelson, Reliant K, Thousand Foot Krutch, Our Lady Peace, Blue October, Hairspray soundtrack, The Supremes, Temptations, lots of others. Yes, I am a music freak! Band, Jazz band, Choir I love it all!

Religion: Lutheran all they way. I am a major Jesus Freak, and many of my stories have people praying to Christ in them. Just to give you a heads up.

Embarrasing Moment: The best one was definitly in 8th grade and I was running across the cafeteria because I was late for something. Well my crush was coming the opposite direction, towards me, right? Just as I get in front of him, I trip, and fall right there. I was so embarrased, so I got up and just rushed out. And to make it worse, after I left one of the jocks reinacted it all. Ugh! Oh, here's another good one, I almost forgot. My friends and I were running to gym class. The guys in our gym class were ahead of us so we ran around them. Only I didn't make it that far, the next thing I know I am sliding on my stomach with my hands reached above my head, Superman style. Needless to say, I was called Supergirl for the next couple of weeks.

Suffering for my Passion: So last year we had to write short stories for English class, obviously. And I was going to make my prince die (cuz I was in this weird stage, where I was sick of happy endings happening everywhere!), well that didn't go over to well. One of my friends (yes its you ChemicalxDisturbance) read it and slapped me for it. Literally slapped and hard I might add. So needless to say he ended up living. That is in the story, Prince for me, if you wanna check it out. Lot's of female attitude!

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Confused Heart reviews
Happiness seems to come and go, at least it did for Tracy. Until she get involved with Drew, a whole new path is introduced to her, along with his mysterious path. This is a rough draft, so please read and review if you want me to continue. Thanks
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Shasta, miss princess, feels she can run the country by herself. But Daddy doesn't agree with her, and forces her to find a prince. Yah, right, she isn't going to let that happen. But then, a mystery man comes, and maybe...having a king wouldn't so bad.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,091 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 3/14/2008 - Complete
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