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September/October 2018:

If this profile deters you from reading, it's likely my writing will, too.

My writing style: Long ongoing serials, lengthy novellas, unfinished/in-progress novel series, scenes, the occasional short story.

My writing genres: Fantasy, mythology, crime/police procedural, psychological drama, GLBT, erotica (the latter not posted here for obvious reasons - ask for info).

My writing subjects (same stuff I like to read about): Ojibwa mythology, Egyptian mythology, ritual crime/abuse (NOTE--I write about Satanic cults, NOT about Satanism as a legitimate religion!), dissociative identity disorder and abnormal psychology, Mackinac Island, Jungian symbolism, dreams, M/M romance/erotica.

My storylines:

D Is For Damien: Unfinished series of novels (three written so far) and short stories with occult/crime/psychological drama theme; spinoff, the Minot series.

Horus/Kemet: A few novels (one written so far), short stories, and novellas based on ancient Egyptian mythology; spinoff, The Ameni Chronicles serial and related short stories/novellas (erotica), on hiatus.

Manitou Island: Fantasy serials (two written so far, third in progress), short stories, and novellas based on Ojibwa mythology.

The Trench Rats: Anthro series set in WWII, on hiatus; spinoff series unwritten/on hiatus.

Most current WIP: Untitled ongoing crime/police/psychological drama story featuring Det. Kristeva, a composite of several novels in the D Is For Damien spinoff Minot series.

I haven't been here since 2006, it appears. I had a few readers/reviewers, and a few writers I followed, but they're all long gone. I seem to recall that in those days of Internet Explorer 5 or so, and dialup Internet, I had lots of trouble posting and so left for what I hoped were greener pastures. Unfortunately, I haven't found any greener pastures or audiences for my writing in the past 12 years, so I come crawling back when it looks like this site just happens to be dying and has no tech support to speak of and is full of bugs. My luck. :/

I'm disabled by severe anxiety/depression (and suspect I have autism, but cannot be diagnosed since my therapy was terminated as unsuccessful years ago), and haven't had any friends IRL since the Nineties, and have made/kept only one friend (and lots of "enemies"/trolls/stalkers) online, so I spend my lonely time reading, browsing online, daydreaming, and writing. In 2009 I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, which sucked all the life and hope out of me. I told myself that once it was cured/successfully treated, I would get back into writing. No treatments helped - not the oral meds, not the weekly chemical instills, not the hydrodistentions, not the Botox injections, not the electrical stimuli in my leg - and so my bladder was surgically removed at U of M in December 2016. Shortly afterward came a serious kidney infection that sent me back to the hospital for a week. I have a (leaky) abdominal stoma...and a hernia...now. :/ Things could be better but they could also be worse. Unfortunately, I have yet to really get back into writing, since now I'm struggling with fatigue (bad thyroid and bad sleep cycle), awful reading/writing OCD (I keep reading the same lines over and over and over), and general apathy over my persistent lack of readers.

In almost 19 years online, on numerous sites devoted to writing, I've never managed to gain a lasting readership (and on forums devoted to the craft, my fellow writers loathe me as a "wannabe," so I can't even chat about the writing process). I haven't had any return readers in years and am lucky if anything I write gets a hit now and then; forget getting comments. I get perhaps one short e-mail from one reader regarding one story about every 4-5 years. (Yes, years. Last time was mid-2016, and I never heard back when I replied.) Back when I used to get a few more comments than that, the reader would often apologize for contacting me, not wanting to appear "creepy" by messaging me more than once, because surely my inbox was full of reviews/comments and they didn't want to bother me with more. That has never been my experience. My inbox has NEVER been full of reviews, I've never been drowning in readers or attention, and even the people who do comment once in a blue moon, never seem interested in returning to comment more. I had slightly better luck in my early days online, such as the last time I was active here...but things have changed greatly since then. I'm invisible, now. :(

This is my longwinded way of saying...if you somehow come across my writing, and enjoy, it, PLEASE don't be afraid to say so. Don't assume I'm getting too much attention from other readers that I won't care about yours, because it's not true. I must confess, I might not reply, but it's ONLY because I have severe social anxiety disorder (diagnosed, and due to many years of negative personal experiences, especially online, with trolls, stalkers, and friends who suddenly decided to reject/ignore me), and doesn't mean I disregard encouraging comments. I LOVE encouraging comments, since they're so rare. The main reason I write is to entertain others...and when that's not happening, it discourages me from writing. And writing is the one talent I thought I had, so...

I am NOT looking for critique/style advice, or for publication advice. I'm comfortable with my writing style as it is, and I gave up my hopes of publication long ago. I just write to entertain. Likewise, my default position is that people hate my writing or at least don't care for it. So if you really don't like my writing, that's fine, most people don't, but you don't need to tell me; I already assume that much. (Most of the negative comments I've gotten over the years have been incredibly sarcastic and trollish, so I'm jaded by "constructive criticism" nowadays. I deal better with tact, which most negative reviews don't possess.) I'm just interested in hearing from the people who do like it. If such people still exist, which seems doubtful, but I'm desperate enough to try again.

PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMERS on my stories, since these address some complaints/misassumptions I've received in the past (in particular, on my D Is For Damien series stories whenever I post them). Author's notes give more background info since I write in ongoing series which often don't make much sense unless one is familiar with either very long stories or ones that haven't even been written yet; if you're curious to know more about something that hasn't been written/posted, just ask.

I don't expect to achieve any results, especially with FictionPress seeming to be on its last legs, but I hope if anybody comes across my work here, they enjoy it. And if I lose hope and go missing again, just Google "tehuti88 writing" or "tehuti_88 writing," and you'll find my earlier, failed efforts literally all over the Web.

Notes to self (and to others submitting writing here):

Use Internet Explorer to upload documents/update stories (Copy 'N' Paste, Source Code) or the browser will lock up; use Firefox to change story category or the browser will crash. Use Firefox to post new stories; play captcha audio since the image doesn't work. Replace URLs with "website dot com" (e. g.) or they'll be stripped. Do not use lines of asterisks, hyphens, plus signs, or other non-numeric/non-alphabetic characters or they'll be stripped; "HR" tag seems to work. Replace the double hyphen/em dash with "space hyphen space" or it'll be stripped. The traditional interrobang (?!) is fine, but replace more than one exclamation/question mark or more than the traditional interrobang with "exclamation/question mark space exclamation/question mark," etc., as needed, or everything after the first exclamation/question mark will be stripped. Format each paragraph separately for italics/bold/centering or the formatting will be stripped from subsequent paragraphs. Hyphens in chapter titles may duplicate but can be edited out afterward. Replace slashes/semicolons in chapter titles with commas, even if it changes the title, or they'll be stripped. Changes may take a half hour or more to register, so try to get all this right the first time.

My e-mail:


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