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Hola, I'm Kyle Castorena, an aspiring screenwriter and avid movie goer. I've was always told that I was a pretty good writer, but I never really listened until I was in College. A long since dead form of RPing, as far as I know, called sparring was what truly got me serious in my writing. My first real project Heaven x Hell, now aptly named SEEDs, began back in 2003. I wrote small notes and post-it's throughout the years, but never really went full-time until I ran across the PAGE International Screenwriting awards. Seeing that SEEDs was far from completion, another pet project (pun intended) took front-runner. I wrote Catgirl in a little over 3 months time, and that was the start of what hopefully becomes a blossoming career. It's been a while since I last posted anything on, but I've never stopped writing.


Darker than Black

Starting with the assassination of a major elected official, Darker than Black follows the strange relationship between a father, daughter, and their newly hired personal assistant. A seemingly ideal, if not a bit odd, family is somehow surrounded by lies, violence, and murder yet somehow preserve despite (or perhaps, daresay, because of) the darkness. Luka, the newest addition to the family, finds that her perfect job might not be so grand, and that the truth about the Lancers might not just be flirting inside the moral gray, but tainted in a color that's darker than black.

American Jesus

Lucy was just your average young salary-man until a terrorist act leaves him the sole survivor of an attack that surely should have killed him. As he recovers from the tragedy he's quick to find that those events have left him changed, and that life will never be the same. Throughout his journey he discovers that major powers are in constant conflict all around him, and that his past, as well as his future, might not have been so ordinary after all.

SEEDs - Vol 01 Rewrite

Despite being finished a few years ago, I was unsatisfied with the product a decided to give it another go. Starting fresh with a new outline, a can safely tell fans of the original that little has changed, but much was added. Those who have already ready the entirity of SEEDs would definitely want to give this tale another go, otherwise they may feel somewhat lost as they continue on to Vol 02.


SEEDs - Vol 02

Sakura de Torres returns to Glasshouse to find things are rapidly changing. Imprisoned for reason unknown to her, she is betrayed by her friends and Kyto has gone missing. After an unknown amount of time passes she is finally freed, but it is not by someone known to her. Calling herself the Pixie of the Wind, in Sprite Sakura has gained a powerful new ally. But who is she? Where did she come from? And why in the world does she act so familiar with the prisoner? Also, the past is revealed as SEEDs relive the events that lead to the Legendary May's death.

Knives - The Lesser Evil

Vivian is on the run for her life. Clutching a briefcase with all her strength she seeks to escape the powerful men who chase her. As she is about to give up hope, she runs across a young man on a motorcycle. Reluctantly he offers his aid, but is this really the help she desires? Going by the name of Grey, he is just about all she could ask for from a knight in shinning armor, except he is no knight, and his armor is as dark as the shadows. Even though he says he will protect her life, he seems more than eager to take that of others. Is this a ray of hope from and angel, or has she just made a deal with the devil?

Knives - Hour of Trial

News is rampant with reports of a serial killer, but Diana cares little for such things as she just tries to get through her high school life. She is an orphan with no shortage of hardships, and little does she know that the "Knives" serial killer is targeting someone very close to her and their two paths are about to cross, if they haven't already. Is what the news states true? Is Knives a homicidal killer, or is he something more?


The Blue Girl (undergoing radical changes)

Everyday was the same. Each day that passed was filled with the same people performing the same tasks. Young kids go to school everyday as their parents did the same with their work. Young males strive to achieve that football scholarship while the young women encourage them and stood by their side. The older ones either worked at one of the large factories, or at their private business that supplied the food and entertainment that kept these civilians happy in this endless cycle. Nothing exciting ever happened, everyday was the same. That was true until one night, when a man died. That man was Rena's father, and the little girl witness the whole thing.

Medical examinations state that he died of a sudden heart attack, and not a soul believed the supernatural story of a blue colored woman that brought him to the grave. Many years later the young Rena attends high-school under the watchful eyes of her over-baring mother. One day a transfer student invades their closed community. Not only does he bring a fresh sense of being, but also the reappearance of Rena's Blue Girl. Will the truth finally be revealed, or are only more tragedies awaiting?


David looks up from his bed and sees the white roof of his room. He turns to his side and looks at the clock. It's gone. He looks out the window, the scene is different. Looking back at the roof, it's not his room. Memories of screeching tires reaches his brain. That's right, he was hit by a car. Recovering from the accident will take more then willpower, as not only his body keeping him glued to his bed, but his mind as well. Is what he's seeing really there, or is everything just a dream?



Elk was enjoying his college years until he finds a woman unconscious in the gutter. Due to his overly responsible nature, dead cellphone, and cut electricity service, he is forced to take care of her at his apartment. Things only turn from bad to worse when she wakes up, and acts like a cat. What caused her injuries, where is her family, and why in the world does she think she's a feline?

Catgirl is posted on Why? Because it has a screenwriting section, and it's written in Spec Screenwriting format.

SEEDs - Vol 01

Sakura de Torres lived a normal life in a farming village in Southern Peru. Despite her life being normal, she was far from it. Her hair was the color of a mid-morning sky, and she had the ability to heal from just about any wound. The peace ends when a young man tells her to leave or he'll kill everyone she cares about. Despite the ruthlessness of his orders, she decides to follow. But things don't end with just that, there are others who want her as well, and they all have amazing abilities as well. What awaits Sakura in this new world of SEEDs.

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Darker Than Black reviews
The assassination of a European president, the troubles of an out of luck unemployed young woman, and the odd exploits of a seemingly ordinary California family; how do all these events wind together and challenge the world stage?
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Formally an ordinary office worker, Lucy has his world completely distorted when he's the soul survivor of a terrorist attack. Suddenly every seems to want him dead. Is he falling into the depths of insanity, or is he finally walking the path of his fate?
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SEEDs vol 02 Through the Fire and Flames reviews
With an impressive victory over Astor, Kyto's actions behind the scenes are brought to light and are starting to bare consequences. The story continues with Glass House being turned upside down, and the story of the legendary May is finally told.
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Knives The Lesser Evil reviews
Vivian is on the run for her life. As she is about to give up hope, she runs across a young man. He offers his aid, but can a man who takes lives so easily really protect hers? Is this man her ray of light? Or has she made a deal with the devil?
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SEEDs vol 01 reviews
Sakura de Torres was living a normal life in a farming village in Southern Peru. Her life was normal, despite her blue hair and the unique ability to heal any wound. The young woman is thrust into a new world when more people who are also unique arrive.
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