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A/N: Does anyone (other than me. Sue me, I'm curious) actually read these? Well, sometimes I get the odd PM saying this person or that read something silly on my page and enjoyed it. It is for those wonderful people that I will post things here (that, and I happen to be bored).

Updates: I'm not even going to lie anymore - I'm lazy, a procrastinator and very, very slow. I also have crazy mood-swings and cravings, like a pregnant woman but with fiction, so right now I'm stuck on fanfics (Supernatural fanfics, to be specific), which is why my original works are temporarily on hold. But one thing you should know about me, overall, is that I won't give up! So expect updates - slow updates, but updates nonetheless. ;)

Personals: Like a lot of slash authors, I'm a girl, I'm straight and I'm a student. I'm Asian, and I'm a ginormous nerd. I'm also an English major in college. I am officially an American adult (18 when I wrote this, 19 now). I can sign my soul away. Woo! But it's an old soul. That's why, while other American teenage girls worship Edward Cullen (like, ew), I worship Mordred Pendragon. I so want to be his wife (even if I think he's gay). (Sigh) My pen-name is theladypendragon partly because of my love for Mordred, and the rest of Arthurian legend. Someday, I hope to be a novelist. Maybe you think I can't - heck, sometimes I do, too - and I know it's nearly an impossible dream, but I'm getting better with my writing all the time, so it might just happen. I beg you, pretty please help me by leaving feedback. Yes, I appreciate you for all the hits, alerts and favorites, but it really can't compare to sound advice. It can be only a sentence or two, a like and a dislike, and it'll take no more than a minute. Flames, however, will be laughed at and used to roast kosher gelatin marshmallows. That's me in a nutshell, basically.

Favorite Novels: Too much to name, so I won't even try - I'll just give you some general info. First and foremost, fantasies of all kind, but especially historical fantasies that twist up old legends and myths, like Nancy Springer's I am Mordred. Classic fantasy series, like The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and Mary Stewart's Merlin books, are a love of mine. However, I am still in the teenage girl range and there are some books we can't deny loving, with their share of angst and romance - hey, there's a reason they make it big, okay? The Mortal Instruments, by Cassandra Clare, is one of those for me. I have to be honest, though, Twilight is terrible. The first was nothing special - certainly not my favorite book, but neither abhorred - while the follow ups were absolutely cringe-worthy. There are a lot of reasons, but to sum it up in one word: Bella. She can just GTFO and die, for all I care, because that girl is not only a step back for the female suffrage movement, but a Mary Sue, too. (Barf) I prefer J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, my first literary love. That's me on books. :)

My Writing: What can I say about my written endeavors? I write slash because the literary world is in dire need of better slash fics, rather than the cliche, overly depressing, overly sexed-up, or swishy stuff that litters the shelves of bookstores everywhere. Well-written het books are a dime a dozen. Some of my slash is silly, yes, and I don't expect or want it to occupy the aforementioned bookshelves, because I know it's not that good, but I do have a fic that I'm always trying to better (The Wizard's Apprentice) in all the dimensions a good story has (characterization, grammar, descriptions, etc.). It's a WIP, and let me tell you, I've worked, progressed, and will continue to do so - and, sadly, it's still not even close to perfect. I like history, mythology, and fantasy, so my writing will have elements of these genres. Seriously, I have geekgasms over this stuff. :D I also beta, and I think I'm pretty good at it, since I'm a little neurotic about grammar these days, but I'm also terribly slow (blame college). If you're still interested and you write slash, hit me up - but I reserve the right to reject you, likely because of schoolwork overload.

Fic Updates: I deleted Fairytale Boys (July '10). I'm working on outlining all the chapters of The Wizard's Apprentice so I can have a basic outline and finish writing it, which is why everything's on temporary hiatus (March '10 - ongoing).

Cool Links:

1. Petition against plagiarism, because we know it sucks. Honestly, I hate people who think it's okay to steal others' ideas. Stupid people! Grrr. But seriously, you should all go sign the petition, simply because none of us would want our work stolen.

Art: Most of this art isn't by me. I can't draw. ;_; If you'd like to draw any characters of mine, I'd be more than happy to pimp your artwork here.

Jibriel from Boy Bride by eVil-uNicorns -- who drew the most adorable pic of Jib in the snow. He is so cute!

Jibriel from Boy Bride by XxGOTHICxANGELxX -- who kindly drew him for me in adorable winter clothes. :D

Talk to me: If you'd like, you can email me at theladypendragon@. I'll try and get back to you ASAP, but I'm easily distracted and very slow with weeding through my emails (I have over 250 in my inbox right now). But I will eventually get back to you. Here's my other stuff.

Fanfiction: My fanfiction. I love writing crossover fanfiction. And I'm pretty good, too (I'm basing this solely on others', not my own, opinion). I'm even worse with updates for fanfiction because I'm a fan of everything and I'm constantly inspired to start new fics. At the moment, my fandom obsession is Supernatural and I don't think I'm going to beat my addiction any time soon, so enjoy my foray into the territory of pretty boys, monsters and glorious meta. :D

Fiction: You're already here. You don't need to follow this link. But while you're here, don't you think you should read something? ;)

LiveJournal: All my stuff is on my LJ - fanfiction and original. It's basically for advertising - I post links to my works on communities and if you're into it, you take a look. There's also a link to my new personal journal, which has extra works. So, if you like my writing, pardon my dubiousness, visit my LJ. :)

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One need not be a chamber to be haunted, one need not be a house. The corridors of the mind far surpass material space -Emily Dickinson
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