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My dream is to become recognized for my talents, enthusiasm, and genuine love for what I do. And what I do, is write, and support the musicians that I love. When I was younger, I wanted to be an artist, but after a while I grew tired of the kind of art thats drawn in a sketch book, and became more interested in the art of words. When I was exposed to beautiful music, specifically X-Japan, my passion erupted... and now, it's a horrible mess. Do I want to be a musician, in the sense of being in a 'band'? Do I want to write stories, or would lyrics be just as meaningful?

I'm still trying to figure this out, of course. What I do know, is that I'm mainly here in this fiction-based site, because theres the possibility I may write original fiction. (I'm mostly here to enjoy other writers stories.) I mostly write what I love... which is fanfiction, with musicians. That only makes sense, since its the perfect mix for me. I have trouble being able to stop questioning the supposed events that happened, which is why fanfiction works for me: I can twist things just as much as I want to, and if the fictional events are in the right place, at the right time, then I want readers to look at me and I'll be able to say, "Well, so-and-so never stated what happened between these two time periods, so anything is possible."

X is my ultimate dream, hide is the being that taught me what love really is, and Sugizo is one that inspires me and can always make me question reality. Aside from these three, the Underneath is my favorite modern group, and Taka, the vocalist, is my favorite member of the Underneath. I've seen them twice now (The first time at the Taste of Chaos concert on March 17th, and the second at Otakon-2008.) Both times, they were phenomenal, but the first time, it was amazing how much courage they all had. No one had ever really heard of the Underneath, not even most of the Jrock fans in America. So for them to come out and give it their all to say, "We are the Underneath!" to not only Americans who'd never even heard of Jrock, but to also Jrock fans who had no idea who they were, amazes me.

I listen to Celebration by X-JAPAN whenever something happy or worth celebrating happens.

I love a dead man and a man in California whom I've never met, and I believe they love me also. I'm way to passive at times. I can, to an extent, care for a murderer. I care even when Sudam is jeered at and his death tape is hosted all over the world and all over the internet.. like it's some comedy show he's standing up for. I don't care that he has killed so many. He didn't deserve that.

Aside from all of the things above though: Most of my fiction stories are shit, I know. They're pathetically helpless. Please, forgive me. xD

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